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Jillian Baer - Member of the Week

In my second year of graduate school at The Ohio State University, I was selected to present at the Annual Convention in Las Vegas. It was a thrilling experience and helped give me confidence to move forward with my job hunt. Immediately after landing in Columbus, Ohio, from that trip, I ran to my final interview for my current job. I believe that my success and amazing experience at Convention (...
Image of Sumun L. Pendakur and Ande Diaz

The National Association of Diversity Officers in Higher Education’s Fellows

We would like to congratulate Sumun L. Pendakur, Ed.D. , Associate Dean for Institutional Diversity at Harvey Mudd College, and Ande Diaz, Ph.D. , Associate Provost for Diversity & Organizational Development at Allegheny College, for being selected to participate in The National Association of Diversity Officers in Higher Education’s (NADOHE)
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7 Ways to Stay Prepared in the Job Search Process

Are you job searching? The answer should be yes. You should always be mindful of opportunities and strategic about shaping your career. Consider the job search to be a non-credit-bearing course that you enroll in every semester. The job search requires continuous attention, time, energy, research, collaboration, and perseverance, among other things. Much like a graduate-level course, it can be...

ACPA's Agreement with the Partnership for a Healthier America

Dr. Cindi Love, Executive Director

We are excited to announce that effective September 4, 2014, we have signed a strategic agreement with Partnership for a Healthier America (PHA) and its Healthier Campus Initiative. We believe deeply in the core values of this program and the benefits for students, and we want to share an opportunity with you. The first ten campuses that sign commitments with PHA by October 1, 2014, will receive...
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Tierza Watts - Member of the Week

Over the last 25 years, I’ve had the pleasure of being inspired by exceptional Convention experiences and challenged by a variety of leadership opportunities. Involvement in ACPA has been easy from the beginning. I’ve served as a volunteer in Career Central, Convention program reviewer, and a commission member who has simply enjoyed the debate and resources offered through listservs. All you have...