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About Campus

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For the past 20 years About Campus has brought student learning to the forefront of higher education and student affairs. To ensure the longevity of this unique publication, an extraordinary group of people came together and built About Campus around the tenets of excellent scholarship, strength in community, and sharing practice for educators everywhere. Twenty years later, we aspire to continue this tradition. About Campus is a Member Benefit! Become a Member of ACPA and you will receive "About Campus" six times a year!  

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The Journal of College Student Development (JCSD) is one of the world’s leading journals on higher education. Subscribers include the members of ACPA-College Student Educators International, individuals (subscriptions available through Johns Hopkins University Press), and academic libraries (as JCSD or Project Muse subscribers).

JCSD is included in numerous research databases including the Social Science Citation Index, where JCSD is one of only five U.S. and international higher education journals indexed.  

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What's Your Why - Careers in Student Affairs Month

October is Careers in Student Affairs Month - What's Your WHY?

RELEASED: 26 September 2016 We're at FIVE DAYS and counting until the beginning of an entire month dedicated to YOUR career. October's celebration is your opportunity as a professional in the field of Higher Education and Student Affairs to feature the work you do and encourage undergraduate students, graduate students, staff members, faculty, and other talented individuals to consider this field...

GOAT: National Hazing Prevention Week Exclusive Screenings!

HazingPrevention.Org™ will host a series of college screenings of the new feature film GOAT as part of its efforts to empower people to prevent hazing. Starring Nick Jonas, Ben Schnetzer and James Franco, and based on the memoir by Brad Land, GOAT tells the story of two brothers who become embroiled in hazing at a college fraternity. What occurs in the name of 'brotherhood' tests both boys and...
Higher Ed Live - Unintended Impact


Conversations about social justice, racial justice, diversity, and inclusion work in student affairs abound. And yet, on occasion our well-intended speech (or silence) or action (or inaction) harms others. If White people desire to grow, learn, and be more effective in working against racism, how can we engage in critical reflections on our mistakes so to be better aspiring allies for racial...
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Call for Nominations: ACPA Senior Scholars Program

ACPA implemented its Senior Scholars Program in 1984. ACPA Senior Scholars advocate for the integration of scholarship into the practice of student affairs. Senior Scholars, through the creation of an engaged scholar network, keep abreast of promising work and identify critical issues that could benefit from inquiry and attention. The Senior Scholars Program provides scholars with a continuing...
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ACPA Emerging Scholars Program 2017-2019

The Class of 2017 ACPA Emerging Scholars Program (i.e., Fall 2016 selection process), is now accepting applications. Recipients will be announced as “2017-2019” ACPA Emerging Scholar-Designees” (that is, the 2017 ACPA Convention in Columbus through the 2019 ACPA Convention in Boston) and will each receive a $3000.00 research grant from ACPA. 2017 Emerging Scholar-Designees who have fulfilled...