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Tips for a Successful Job Interview in Student Affairs

Are You Aware? ACPA's Strategic Imperative for Racial Justice

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2017 Diversity Awareness Infographic - This infographic is linked to a text only page for accessibility. Please click to access a full description of this graphic. 2017 Diversity Awareness Infographic - This infographic is linked to a text only page for accessibility. Please click to access a full description of this graphic.

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About Campus

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For the past 20 years About Campus has brought student learning to the forefront of higher education and student affairs. To ensure the longevity of this unique publication, an extraordinary group of people came together and built About Campus around the tenets of excellent scholarship, strength in community, and sharing practice for educators everywhere. Twenty years later, we aspire to continue this tradition. About Campus is a Member Benefit! Become a Member of ACPA and you will receive "About Campus" six times a year!  

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The Journal of College Student Development (JCSD) is one of the world’s leading journals on higher education. Subscribers include the members of ACPA-College Student Educators International, individuals (subscriptions available through Johns Hopkins University Press), and academic libraries (as JCSD or Project Muse subscribers).

JCSD is included in numerous research databases including the Social Science Citation Index, where JCSD is one of only five U.S. and international higher education journals indexed.  

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GDIB Launch Video from Silver Spring Event

Dear Colleagues, I want to share a short video from the recent launch event for the Global Diversity and Inclusion Benchmarks (GDIB) at the Cook and Ross facilities in Silver Spring, Maryland. The special edition for higher education adapted by ACPA was featured and several of our participating campuses were there. Inaugural Campus Cohort American University Baker College...
John F Kelly

ACPA Co-Signs Letter of Support for Students to Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly

news image credit: ACPA Co-Signs Letter to Secretary of Homeland Security John F. Kelly on Maintaining the United States as the Destination of Choice for the World’s Best Students, Faculty and Scholars January 31, 2017 ACE Letter to DHS Secretary John F. Kelly on International Students, Faculty and Scholars (PDF) 1 MB On...

ACPA Response to Executive Orders that Exclude

ACPA Response to Executive Orders that Exclude 1 February 2017 We join members of the Washington Secretariat in protesting the harmful impact of the 27 January 2017 Executive Order , one part of which created a 90-day ban denying US entry to citizens from seven Muslim majority countries. ACPA-College Student Educators International core values include equity, inclusion, and respect for human...
For this dream, I do not sleep

ACPA Supports BRIDGE Act

Newsreel photo credit: Hola! Arkansas Dear Colleagues, We want to update you on ACPA's participation as a co-signatory on a letter to The Honorable Lindsey Graham, The Honorable Richard Durbin, The Honorable Mike Coffman, and The Honorable Luiz Gutierrez indicating that we strongly support the Bar Removal of Individuals Who Dream and Grow (BRIDGE) Act. In alignment with our core values of equity...

InsideHigherEd: Bathroom Politics

Texas SB6 Bathroom Bill

...the Texas bill is drawing more attention than others because it is considered most likely to pass... Texas higher education officials have been mostly silent on a controversial piece of state legislation that would restrict bathroom use by transgender individuals on public campuses, even as the law could override existing policies and conflict with federal guidance. The Texas legislation,...