As representatives of student affairs leaders and college student educators, ACPA–College Student Educators International (ACPA) unites with the community of advocates for victims and survivors of sexual violence in our concern over the newly proposed changes from the Department of Education to Title IX administration and adjudication.We strongly encourage institutions to continue centralizing and supporting the rights and human dignity of students.

ACPA remains dedicated to inclusivity. We align with sexual assault victim advocates in believing that the Obama-era enforcement of Title IX provides adequate protections for both the rights of victims, survivors, and the accused. We believe it should continue to protect those who have undergone trauma from unnecessary burden in reporting processes.

As we enter a new age where sexual assault victims and survivors are beginning to find the strength and support needed to share their stories, we encourage policy-makers to consider the consequences of reversing this progress. A period of public comment will open for 60 days once the proposed changes from the Department of Education are published in the Federal Register. We will share information in the weeks ahead about how our members can submit public comment.