Feature Manuscripts: The Journal of College Student Development is interested in feature manuscripts concerning student development, professional development, professional issues and administrative concerns in higher education, and creative programs to improve student services and student success. Authors may focus on recent original research, replication of research, reviews of research, graduate education in student affairs, or essays on theoretical, organizational, and professional issues. We value studies using quantitative, qualitative, and mixed methods.  Authors are encouraged to read past articles in the JCSD to better understand what types of submissions get accepted. Authors may find value in referring to our reviewer rubric (PDF Download).

Manuscripts should address one of the following:

  • Extension of knowledge in the area of developmental theory;

  • Increasing sophistication in the assessment of developmental change and the factors contributing thereto;

  • Practitioner efforts to apply theoretical developmental constructs to programs in the field; or

  • Increasing our knowledge of organizational behaviors so that effective tactics and strategies might be applied to the implementation of developmentally focused programs on the campus.

In keeping with the international scope of ACPA-College Student Educators International, the Journal of College Student Development welcomes manuscripts that report scholarship on international issues related to college students, student development, and student affairs and services in postsecondary or tertiary education. Such manuscripts might describe research occurring outside the U.S., such as studies of student development or emerging issues in student services administration in one or more countries.  We particularly invite submissions that are scholarly in nature (i.e., having a theoretical base and sound empirical methods), but will also consider submissions that describe best practices in student development outside the US, provided that these submissions contribute new knowledge to the literature. Country-specific and comparative (i.e., comparing an issue in two or more nations) topics are welcome.

The Associate Editor for International Research and Scholarship is available to consult with authors who are considering submitting a manuscript that is international in scope. Prospective authors are encouraged to contact Tricia Seifert, Associate Editor, at any time for clarification and advice on manuscript preparation and submission.

Research in Brief: Articles submitted for the Research in Brief section should report meaningful research that does not require a full-length manuscript. Articles should present research about instruments/instrument development, methods, campus interventions, or analytical tools that may be helpful to researchers or consumers of research in conducting and understanding student services, student development, and the student affairs profession. Research focused on specific campus interventions and research that examines the student affairs profession with regards to training, administration, etc. are also typically considered for the Research in Brief section. Rigorous studies that are focused on a single campus and/or narrowly focused studies may also be considered for the Research in Brief section. The criteria for review are similar to those used in the review of feature articles.

On the Campus: Articles submitted for the On the Campus section should describe new practices, programs, and techniques that are guided by theory and research. The focus of the manuscript is the new practice, program, or technique though some mention of an assessment strategy would be useful. Authors should be able to provide additional background or supplemental information at the request of interested readers."