ACPA Commission Chairs:

Commission for Academic Affairs              
Ana Castillo-Nye, Co-Chair 
Drexel University    

Commission for Academic Affairs              
Christina Wright Fields, Co-Chair          
Marist College                           

Commission for Academic Support in Higher Education     
Dana McGuire   
Virginia Tech University      

Commission for Administrative Leadership            
Gwen Schimek, Chair           
Cornell College                                  

Commission for Admissions, Orientation & First Year Experience  
Dallin Young, Co-Chair        
University of South Carolina

Commission for Admissions, Orientation & First Year Experience   
Shareika Fisher, Co-chair
Wichita State University                                             

Commission for Assessment & Evaluation              
Victoria Livingston, Chair  
University of Wisconsin-Platteville            

Commission for Campus Safety & Emergency Preparedness              
Bryan Roush, Chair 
Rosalind Franklin University                                     

Commission for Career Services            
Tara Milliken, Chair
University of Wisconsin-Madison                          

Commission for Commuter Students & Adult Learners       
Audrey Adamson, Chair    
Western Illinois University                                 

Commission for Counseling & Psychological Services         
Lynne Reeder, Chair     
University of Missouri                                     

Commission for Global Dimensions of Student Development
Gudrun Nyunt
University of Maryland                                                                 

Commission for Graduate & Professional Student Affairs
Lisa Thomson, Chair     
Duke University                                  

Commission for Housing & Residential Life            
Laura Arroyo, Chair            
University of Colorado Boulder                                  

Commission for Professional Preparation              
Karen Haley, Chair         
Portland State University                                                                         

Commission for Recreation and Athletics
Randi Napientek, Chair
Northern Illinois University                                                          

Commission for Social Justice Educators 
Vu Tran, Chair      
Michigan State University                                        

Commission for Spirituality, Faith, Religion, and Meaning 
Steven V. Sajkich, Chair
University of Northern Iowa                                    

Commission for Student Conduct & Legal Issues  
Alan Acosta, Chair        
Florida State University                                     

Commission for Student Involvement       
Jessica Proskin, Chair     
University of Kentucky                                

Commission for Two-Year Colleges          
Yancey Gulley, Chair
Western Carolina University                                   

Commission for Wellness