Directorate Board Members (2019-2020)

Shareika Fisher

Co-Chair/ Lead, Conference Initiatives

Assistant Director of First Year Programs
Wichita State University 

Dallin Young

Co-Chair/ Lead, Conference Initiatives

Assistant Director, Research, Grants, and Assessment
The National Resource Center for The First-Year Experience

Lindsey Peetz-Murray

Vice-Chair, Recognition Programs/AOFYE/NRC Grant


Erik Cederhold

Lead, Commission Awards

Residence Life Coordinator
University of Alabama at Birmingham


Jackeline Bonilla

Vice-Chair, Communications

Assistant Director for New Student Orientation
University of South Carolina

Wonjae Kim

Lead, Social Media

Program Coordinator for the Multicultrual Vision Program, Office of Multicultural Student Affairs
Iowa State University

Katie Zimmerle

Historian & Webmaster

Assistant Principal, Capstone Scholars Program
University of South Carolina

Kathryn Wilhite

Lead, Newsletters

Academic Program Specialist for the Honors College
Kennesaw State University

Tessa Smith

Lead, Sponsored Programs & Webcasts

Learning and Development Consultant
Ohio State University

Brad Pulcini


Bryce Bunting

Vice-Chair, Professional Development

Eric Carnaje

Lead, Conference Initiatives

Dani Bestfelt

Lead, Graduate Initiatives