Based on the recommendation by the Presidential Ad Hoc Committee on Professional Certification (2011) appointed by President Heidi Levine, the ACPA Governing Board unanimously approved the creation of a professional credentialing program, to consist of a Student Affairs Register and Specialized Skill Certification. To oversee the formation of this program, the ACPA Credentialing Implementation Team (CIT) is charged with developing the structure, policies and procedures to implement the ACPA Credentialing Process.

For additional information on CIT, please contact Sandy Estanek.

CIT Members

Sandy Estanek
Associate Professor and Director, College Student Personnel Administration
Canisius College (NY)

Ex Officio:
Dawn Thompson
Associate Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students
University of Delaware

Stan Carpenter, Dean of the School of Education and Professor
Texas State University – San Marcos

Chanda Corbett, Adjunct Professor
Morgan State University (Maryland)

Becki Elkins, Director of Institutional Research and Assessment
Cornell College (Iowa)

Melissa Jones, Associate Director of Residence Education
Virginia Commonwealth University

Dean Kennedy, Associate Director of Residence Life
University of Houston (Texas)

Danielle Morgan, Associate Director of Student Affairs
Florida State University

Thelora U. Reynolds, Adjunct Faculty and Coordinator of the Masters Program
University of the West Indies - Mona, Kingston Jamaica

Mary Ann Ryan, Associate Vice President for Student Affairs
University of St. Thomas (Minnesota)

Dafina Lazarus Stewart, Associate Professor
Bowling Green State University (Ohio)

Chris Stone, Ph.D. Candidate
George Washington University

Michael Whaley, Vice President for Student Affairs
Wesleyan University (Connecticut)

ACPA Liaison

Eleanor Mower
Associate Executive Director

Timeline On Professional Certification

2004 – Then ACPA President-elect Gregory S. Blimling appointed a Task Force on Certification. The charge of that task force is to consider the feasibility of establishing an optional national program for student affairs professionals who desire certification in the field and to generate a report recommending a course of action for the association. Download a copy of the report (PDF)

2006-08 – The report from the Task Force on Certification was accepted in February by the ACPA Governing Board. Consequently, the association moved forward to address the “recommended course of action” as outlined in the report. Consistent with the most critical need identified in the report, ACPA commissioned a group to develop a set of competencies for the profession, which was released to the ACPA membership and profession in 2008.

2009-10 – In the summer of 2009, ACPA and NASPA committed to work together to establish one set of professional competency areas that both associations would endorse for the broad field of student affairs. That led to a Joint Task Force on Professional Competencies and Standards, comprised of members representing both associations. This task force, co-chaired by Dwayne Todd and Marilee Bresciani, was charged to develop a set of competency areas and outcomes and present them to their respective associations for approval. The work of this task force was completed with the approval of the document Professional Competency Areas for Student Affairs Practitioners, a joint publication of ACPA and NASPA in July, 2010.

2012 – ACPA appoints the Credentialing Implementation Team.