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Dear Colleagues,

As the 2017 calendar year comes to a close, we hope you will join us in recognizing the 2018 Class of ACPA Diamond Honorees! Now is the time to celebrate their commitment to ACPA and our profession, and remember that your donation is tax-deductible. Meet the esteemed group of student affairs and services educators and leaders for 2018 HERE.

All are invited to celebrate their accomplishments and our profession at the ACPA 2018 Annual Convention in Houston TX, USA.

Make your contribution in honor of a Diamond Honoree now, and join the ranks of Student Affairs Professionals changing the lives of students in higher education! DONATE NOW

Kathleen G. Kerr & Heidi Levine
2018 ACPA Foundation Diamond Honoree Co-Chairs

Meet the Diamond Honoree Class of 2018
Katie Branch (bio)
Jo Campbell (bio)
Marybeth Drechsler Sharp (bio)
Paul Eaton (bio)
Jesse Grant (bio)
Elizabeth Griego (bio)
Danielle Morgan Acosta (bio)
Kijua Sanders-McMurtry (bio)
Jerrold Stein (bio)
Gabrielle St. Léger (bio)
TJ Sullivan (bio)

New to ACPA?  

The Diamond Honoree Program, established in 1999, is way for those that care about students – and the research, scholarship, and programs that promote student development and success - to help advance our association’s efforts. Diamond Honorees are “Championed” by dedicated individuals who recognize their specific contributions and choose to raise funds in honor of each Diamond Honoree's outstanding and sustained commitment to higher education through student affairs and student development.   

Those funds are then utilized to help sustain the ACPA Foundation in its support of the research, scholarship, and programs that advance our field as a whole.  

You can help! Join in the fundraising effort by supporting one of this year’s Diamond Honorees! Donate Here