The ACPA—College Student Educators International Leader Nomination and Election process is now underway!  Participate in this annual process that informs the development of our Association.

Are you...  Do you know someone who is...

  • engaged in the necessary competencies to fulfill the objectives of the Association?
  • contributing to long lasting sustainable goals and outcomes of ACPA?

We need Your Application/Nomination!

2017 Nominations and Elections Timeline

  • Nominations due 21 October 2017
  • Applications due 28 October 2017

Help us elect leaders that represent the increasing diversity of our membership and demonstrate commitment and capacity to deliver on the strategic priorities of ACPA. 

Equity, diversity, and inclusion competencies are critical requirements of leadership in ACPA. Embedding and integrating equity, diversity, and inclusion into the Association’s core activities is an ongoing, critical responsibility.  

As part of ACPA’s legacy, we have a renewed commitment to these competencies and their application. 

ACPA leaders work to champion the interests of students, faculty, and staff ensuring high standards of quality and consistent service, support, and growth for our membership.

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