Kathleen G. Kerr, ACPA - College Student Educators International President 2013-2014 discusses the impact of volunteer leadership within ACPA in the context of her other roles as a professional leader on her campus and as a partner and mother of four girls. Inspiration for us all!


This convention is all about giving you the tools, so that you can do those three things; Shape, Advance and Lead.

People have said, “Are you glad it’s over?”  I don’t think it’s ever over. I think that when you give of yourself to an association this way, you never walk away from that association. Serving on…as a faculty member in an institute or volunteering in some other capacity, but it will continue.

When I offered my presidential address to you 13 months ago, I spoke to you about our 90th anniversary. That we would need to move forward, recognizing our strong foundation, being wise in our old age to intentionally become the association we want to be when we turn 100. 

As a woman with a career and four daughters, so as a mother and someone who gives a lot to a volunteer association, because I feel the need to serve that association but also have a full career and be a mother. And I feel like I do all of those things really well. I think that I serve as a really important role model not just to women but also to men who want to be able to have that life, that rich full life.

No ACPA president is successful in this role without a lot of support. My colleagues at UD lift me up and support me daily. I will never fully express my gratitude to them for their support over the last year. Thank you for the opportunity to serve as ACPA President. ACPA’s future is bright. I look forward to the leadership of Kent Porterfield and Gavin Henning, Vice President-elect. It has been a privilege and an honor to serve this association.

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