ACPA, in its commitment to the advancement of the student affairs profession, recognizes the global dimensions of its work and the long-term contributions of student affairs/student services practitioners and scholars throughout the world. For over a year, ACPA has been working to develop a Globalization Strategic Plan for the Association. Throughout its development, ACPA has vetted the Plan through a number of venues including:

  • Globalization ACPA Committee
  • Assembly leadership at the 2011 Convention Town Hall Meeting
  • Members in attendance at the 2011 Convention Globalization Colloquium
  • 2011 Summer Leadership Meeting

However, individually, colleagues affiliated with institutions or organizations outside of the United States of America have shared concerns that international perspectives need to be more fully considered in the operations of the Association. Furthermore, several members, both inside and outside of the United States, have expressed concerns that the current representation structure (the Coordinator of International Divisions) cannot fully advocate for the vast international community. As we consider implementing a globalization agenda, we believe it is important for ACPA to pause and gather perspectives of student affairs and services professionals from around the world.

Committee Charge

The charge of the International Member Advisory Board will be to gain feedback, advocate and educate ACPA on student affairs and services work from international perspectives and to make recommendations on the following topics:

  • Input on the ACPA Globalization Strategic Plan and recommendations for continued implementation
  • How ACPA can better serve members outside of the United States
  • How ACPA can better recruit members outside of the United States
  • Where, within ACPA’s current involvement structure, non-US members can find “homes”/communities to belong
  • What additional involvement structures international members find welcoming as communities to belong to within the Association
  • How ACPA can further educate domestic-US members on international education and student affairs/services issues and challenges
  • What structures, if any, should be in place upon the submission of the Advisory Board’s final report

The Advisory Board should submit a report addressing the above charge by mid-November 2012.

Membership Includes:

  • Johnston Huang, United International College (Hong Kong)
  • Kelebogile Choice Makhetha, University of the Free State in Bloemfontein (South Africa)
  • Curtis Mike, University of the West Indies – St. Augustine (Trinidad & Tobago)
  • Rob Shea, Memorial University of Newfoundland (Canada)
  • Chris Silva, Qatar Foundation (Qatar)
  • Katherine Wildman, ACPA Commission for Global Dimensions of Student Development, Qatar Foundation (Qatar)
  • Merrit Henry (co-chair), ACPA Coordinator for International Divisions, University of the West Indies – Mona (Jamaica)
  • Ben Lewis, AMOSSHE Vice Chair, Cardiff University (United Kingdom)
  • Kathleen Kerr, ACPA Vice President, University of Delaware (United States)
  • Chris Moody (co-chair), ACPA Director for Membership Development, American University (United States)
  • Gregory Roberts (ex officio), ACPA Executive Director, District of Columbia (United States)