In the Fall of 2017, the Senior Scholars launched their first-ever grant program with up to $20,000 available to support research related to the priorities of ACPA and to the topics identified in the Senior Scholar-SSAO Research Agenda for the Field. We are pleased to announce that two projects have been awarded $10,000 each to conduct their research projects.

These projects are:

Contribution of Student Affairs Preparation Programs to Undergraduate Student Success: Influences of Mentoring on Campus Racial Climate and Sense of Belonging 
Principal Investigators: Susan D. Longerbeam and Amy S. Hirschy, University of Louisville

Drs. Longerbeam and Hirschy will examine the dynamics of the mentoring relationships between student affairs graduate students and undergraduate students in order to assess the preparation program’s influence on campus racial climate, sense of belonging, and undergraduate success.

Engaging Cross-Cultural Impressions: An Exploration of Student Affairs Practices in the Gulf Region

Principal Investigator: Natesha L. Smith, University of Binghamton

Dr. Smith will explore the student affairs practices and organizational structures used by public higher education institutions in the Gulf Region in the Middle East, exploring how university staff/administrators perceive the purpose of student affairs at their university; the models of student affairs is used by these public institutions; and the degree to which student affairs practices at public institutions in the Gulf Region have been influenced by Arabic culture.

Congratulations to the awardees. We look forward to seeing the results of this studies in the coming year.