My current role in student affairs can be attributed to my association with ACPA. I first became a member when I was a graduate student and in need of professional support through my job search process. It was in attending the 2012 national conference that I not only found support and resources, but also placement in my current role as Assistant Director of Student Activities at Bellarmine University.  The C3 environment provided me with experience and skills in communicating my philosophy of higher education and strengths as student affairs professional. 

On top of career opportunities, I have been able to stay academically engaged in the profession of student affairs through events and works published and publicized by ACPA. I have been able to present local conferences, connect with other staff members through networking opportunities, and learn from my colleagues in the field through wonderful and informative presentations.  Being actively engaged in learning and community through ACPA has allowed me to make connections to knowledge and people that would not have been possible on my own.

ACPA has provided dynamic professional development opportunities for me as well as food for thought with publications like About Campus.  I use articles to stay abreast on current issues and I even recommend this publication to students in the class on Higher Education that I co-teach on Monday nights. The career, professional, and academic opportunities offered by ACPA allow me to be a better and more productive professional in the field. 

Danielle Reid
Assistant Director of Student Activities
Bellarmine University

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