As “digital natives” focus much earlier on career preparedness by aggressively seeking non-paying internships, attending on campus job fairs as freshmen, and studying majors that appear to have the highest job placement rates right out of college, the use of electronic credentialing is very appealing. The Lead365 National Conference is one of the first to offer digital badges to participants based upon completion of criteria established by the Student Leadership Competencies Badging Program.

Developed by Dr. Corey Seemiller, author of The Student Leadership Competencies Guidebook (Jossey-Bass), the Student Leadership Competencies Badging Program offers 60 digital badges that each correspond to the 60 competencies identified by her extensive research. Similar to earning a Boy Scout or Girl Scout badge sown onto a shirt or sash, digital badges appear as images that can be shared on the earner’s social media, electronic portfolio, and personal website. When potential employers for click on the badge image, they are directed to an in-depth description of the activities and competencies associated in earning that badge. Lead365 badges are issued through Credly, a prominent digital badging platform, allowing for a nationally consistent credentialing system that interfaces with sites such as LinkedIn, Mozilla, Facebook, and other social media platforms.

Intentionally built into the curriculum of Lead365, undergraduates, graduate students, and professional staff members have the option to complete the Student Leadership Competencies Verbal Communication badge and/or the Student Leadership Competencies Appropriate Interaction badge; each for a minimal fee of $39. There are four criteria for earning a badge: 4 hours of approved instruction and 4 approved hours of experiential or “laboratory” engagement on the competency, evidence of knowledge assessment, and the completion of a learning reflection. The “Student Leadership Competencies Passport” outlines which workshops and experiences qualify for each badge. At the conclusion of the conference, participants turn in their Passport and they are issued the corresponding badge(s) through Credly directly from the Student Leadership Competencies Badging Program.

The Lead365 National Conference will continue to issue all conference participants the “Lead365 National Conference 2017” badge after attending this year’s conference from November 2 – 4 at the Hilton Orlando. All participants will also receive a personalized Certificate of Completion containing the four partner logos: NASPA, NACA, NCLP and NACA.

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