1st Generation Commuter Students – A key issues in working with commuter students includes serving 1st generation students who do not live on campus. The amount of research done on traditional residential 1st generation students is vast and current and often does not apply to students who choose not to live on campus or have additional responsibilities that prevent them from doing so. The Commission will provide professional development on this issue by:

Veterans’ Services – The topic of Veterans’ Services continues to receive national attention and we will contribute to this body of knowledge as it relates to commuters and nontraditional students by:

Underappreciating of Nontraditional Students – Students who meet 1 or more of the NCES criteria for being nontraditional now make-up well over 50% of the undergraduate student population, yet research pertaining to the various student subgroups that fall under this umbrella comprises a mere fraction of the research, presentations, and publication available. To address these issues the Commission will:

  • Conducting original research on this topic
    • publishing the results in our newsletter
    • presenting the results at regional and national conferences
    • generating a white paper on the topic
    • producing a webinar on this topic
  • Providing sessions at ACPA 2013 focused on Veterans
  • Producing a webinar focused on national support for student Veterans
  • Highlighting the experiences of Veterans by publishing student profiles in our newsletter
  • Publish a white paper addressing why nontraditiaonal students need to be addressed in current research, why graduate preparation programs need to provide education on this demographic, and how we can move beyond thinking that extending service hours is a solution.
  • Produce a webinar series on the various experiences of nontraditional students
  • Highlighting the experiences of nontraditional students by publishing student profiles in our newsletter