The ACPA CGDSD helps student development professionals recognize and understand cultural differences, collaborate across cultures, and negotiate international environments. We promote international and cross-cultural learning in order for university students, faculty, and administrators to become engaged global citizens. We accomplish this by facilitating globallyfocused programs, providing educational resources, and creating opportunities for international and cross-cultural dialogue among higher education professionals.

The current topics in the field are:

Ethical Issues Associated with Internationalization

How to Best Support Our International Communities and Networks of Support on Campus? These include:

  • How can we ensure that (person-to-person, organizational, institutional) international engagement is responsible, respectful, and mutually beneficial? How do issues related to social identity, power, and privilege surface in international engagement? What responsibilities do individuals/ organizations/institutions have in attending to these issues? What best practices can help guide an organization or institution in engaging internationally?
  • International students, faculty, and staff studying and working in the US
  • Administrators whose position responsibilities connect to international education (e.g., international student services) How to Lead and Support Efforts to Help Students Become Global Citizens? Specifically, how can we:
  • Expand and enhance access to study abroad opportunities, particularly for students from underrepresented populations?
  • Build opportunities for international and cross-cultural dialogue into co-curricular programming?
  • Promote sustained engagement (in and outside of the classroom) between international and domestic students on our campuses?