The ACPA Commission for Spirituality, Faith, Religion and Meaning aims to position ACPA as a leader and informed voice on student spirituality and spiritual/faith/existential development in college, community college, and university communities.

The current topics in the field are: Best Practices that Promote Pluralism for Religion and Belief in College, Community College, and University Environments

  • Identify and promote best practices in institutional approaches to supporting the search for meaning by students, faculty, and staff convey these best practices through convention programs and professional development opportunities (such as Webinars, publications, etc. Through these activities, we aim to assist ACPA members in developing professional competency in “leadership and administration/management”
  • Research engagement with past and current trends related to spirituality, faith, religion, and meaning in the lives of college, community college, and university students
  • Contribute to the knowledge base in the field on the relationship of spirituality and faith development to other aspects of student development, including cognitive, moral, and identity development
  • Empirically examine the faith development process as it relates to varying faith traditions and spiritual practices.
  • Support the empirical examination of secular humanist and non-deistic forms of meaning making and their relationships to cognitive, moral, and identity development. Disseminate these research findings with the membership via existing ACPA publications and other outlets developed in collaboration with the International Office. Through these activities, we aim to build competency in “assessment, evaluation and other research activities”
  • Develop professional and career development resources to provide ongoing skill development and continuing education as a source for creative and informed methods of building bridges among all meaning-making communities on campus
  • Strive to highlight the uniqueness of perspectives related to differences of faith and belief, including non-deistic and secular humanist traditions
  • Encourage and support ACPA members to explore their own spiritual, religious, secular humanist, and/or faith development in a supportive, educational, and developmental
  • Build relationships with other organizations including Hillel; Newman Center; Muslim Student Associations; Association for Christians in Student Development; the Society for Spirituality, Theology, and Health; and other professional organizations with an interest and focus on issues of spirituality and faith for young adults on the college, community college or university campus.

The Commission for Spirituality, Faith, Religion and Meaning will seek to locate groups that support the faith development of students but who are not necessarily religiously affiliated, including secular humanist, and non-deistic perspectives.