The purpose of the Commission for Wellness is to provide education, resources, support and recognition to Student Affairs professionals in order to enable and sustain campus cultures of wellness through the six dimensions of the wellness wheel (intellectual, emotional, social, spiritual, physical, and occupational) at the individual, community and policy level.

The current topics in the field are:

Student Affairs Practitioners (particularly new professionals) Daily Wellness

Financial Wellness of College Students in the Age of Extreme Debt

Infusing Wellness into Training Schedules for Student Staff

Wellness & Social Media Practices

Working with Students Undergoing Cancer Treatments

  • Wellness Challenge began in June and continues through March 2013
  • Plan to work with the Commission for Admissions, Orientation, and First Year Experience in the Spring (not yet started)
  • Commission Directorate will be developing a guide to be placed on the Commission for Wellness website with ideas and strategies
  • Article on the Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) phenomenon in September 2012 newsletter
  • Commission is developing a white paper on this topic to be released this Fall