September 13, 2015

WHEREAS, the American College Personnel Association, the National Association for Student Personnel Administrators, and past and present student affairs professionals wish to acknowledge the 100th birthday of Dr. Robert H. Shaffer on September 13, 2015; and,

WHEREAS, Dr. Shaffer has served as the first president of the American Personnel and Guidance Association, associate editor of the Personnel and Guidance Journal, secretary of ACPA, vice president of NASPA, and editor of the NASPA Journal; and,

WHEREAS, the NASPA Award for Academic Excellence as a Graduate Faculty Member is named for him; and,

WHEREAS, Dr. Shaffer was instrumental in establishing the Interfraternity Institute and the Center for the Study of the College Fraternity; and,

WHEREAS, Dr. Shaffer has been recognized by numerous organizations for his contributions to the profession, including being the inaugural recipient of NASPA’s Outstanding Contribution to Higher Education Award, the NASPA Scott Goodnight Award for Outstanding Performance as a Dean, the ACPA Annuit Coeptis Award and the ACPA Esther Lloyd-Jones Professional Service Award; and,

WHEREAS, Dr. Shaffer has had a profound impact on the lives of undergraduate and graduate students at Indiana University, and numerous other institutions; and,

WHEREAS, Dr. Shaffer has served as a mentor and friend to multitudes in the higher education and student affairs profession; and,

WHEREAS, Dr. Shaffer has consistently taught and actively modeled common sense, kindness, a profound sense of humor and a genuine interest in others; and,

WHEREAS, Dr. Shaffer has played a pioneering role in the foundation of the student affairs profession being instrumental in defining its substance and scope;

THEREFORE, be it resolved that the members of ACPA and NASPA express their sincere gratitude to Dr. Robert H. Shaffer for sharing his knowledge, enthusiasm and good will with generations of students, faculty and practitioners throughout the world. We have all benefitted from his passion and genuine interest in our personal and professional successes and we all wish Dr. Shaffer a magnificent 100th birthday.

NASPA Foundation                ACPA Foundation