There has been nonstop conversation, prayer, debate and emotional reaction across the USA, since the jury rendered their decision on the Trayvon Martin case. As college student educators, we are challenged to be aware of national/international issues that might be (or should be) on the minds of students, while preparing ourselves to remain current on topics, issues and opportunities for professional development, especially on issues of equity and inclusion. As you give consideration to these issues, remember that your professional association, ACPA, provides ongoing opportunities throughout the year. Please note the brief listing of current opportunities below:

The next Institute on Social Justice will be held in late fall, 2014. For more information about the Commission for Social Justice Educators go to their Web page.

ACPA's Annual Convention provides a wide variety of timely, topical programming.

The Donna M. Bourassa Mid-Level Management Institute provides resources and tools for mid-level professionals to continue to add to their toolbox.

For Senior Student Affairs Officers, or those aspiring to the role, both the Senior Student Affairs Officer Symposium Series and the Institute for Aspiring SSAO's: Exploring Underrepresented Identities and Career Paths provide resources.

Perhaps you are interested in sharing some resources of your own. The ACPA Higher Education Webinar Series welcomes your ideas and submissions as we build our offerings for 2013-2014.

As educators and ACPA members and colleagues, we have the commitment to ensure justice is a year-round responsibility.

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Gregory Roberts
ACPA Executive Director