When I think back to moments that helped solidify my commitment and dedication to student affairs, ACPA often comes to mind. Whether through NextGen, the graduate ambassador program, or commission work, ACPA has afforded me a voice and an affirming community in all stages of my career thus far. 

Through my work in ACPA as the current Chair of the Task Force for Campus Safety and Emergency Preparedness (CSEP), I’ve had the opportunity to develop expertise outside of my functional area, advance research and scholarship, and help prioritize what is becoming an ever pressing and important issue for our member institutions. My involvement in ACPA has allowed me to become a “go-to” person on my campus and remind me to keep an eye toward issues outside of my institution as well. Being connected to the larger milieu of student affairs through ACPA has allowed me to remain versatile, relevant, and influential in the work I do for students and for that I am so grateful! 

Rachel Aho
Assistant Director of Residential Education
University of Utah

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