We invite your participation in Everyone Matters, an important diversity and inclusion campaign advocating for EVERYONE’S right to be who that person wishes to be – whatever their race, socioeconomic status, gender expression, age, sexual orientation, ability, worldview, faith and religion, or ethnicity.  

The campaign empowers students and has the potential to reduce bullying by promoting inclusion and individuality in positive terms and promoting acceptance of others and self. Each school will be able to select an “Everyone Matters Youth Ambassador” who will join in creating the events and work with the Everyone Matters team and its president, HeathCliff Rothman.

We also encourage your school in joining ACPA member schools around the world who are hosting “Everyone Matters Day” on April 2 so your diverse community members can celebrate and affirm their unique identities and personhood and support dignity and respect for all. Here’s a brief downloadable pdf overview offering a few suggested activities that might be considered as freestanding events or piggybacking on existing events.

We are proud to join the illustrious national and international partners and global figures united under a joint banner message affirming everyone’s equal right to dignity and respect!