The White House Task Force to Protect Students from Sexual Assault, created by President Obama on January 22, published its first report, Not Alone, and its new website,, yesterday. provides information, resources, and data for students, schools, and other entities and focuses on on how to respond to and prevent sexual assault at higher education institutions throughout the U.S.

In concordance with the growing issue of sexual violence and President Obama's renewed call to action, we have created a Presidential Task Force on Sexual Violence in Higher Education to enact our best collective thinking to identify best practices in sexual violence prevention, to respond compassionately and effectively to those affected, and to rebuild the public trust.

To achieve these goals, our task force will:

  • Disseminate best practices for preventing and responding to rape and sexual assault
  • Ensure all members are fully engaged with our message
  • Create public awareness of an institution’s track record in addressing sexual violence
  • Improve transparency of institutions’ enforcement activities

To learn more about our advocacy efforts surrounding sexual violence prevention and accountability, visit our Presidential Task Force on Sexual Violence in Higher Education page.

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