ACPA has helped us to really hone our programming. It has provided us with numerous educational opportunities to learn from our peers and experts in the field and has opened our work up to models of programming and leadership development that we had not even dreamed of. ACPA membership has also brought together staff on campus who would not have as readily engaged and has helped to create professionally-focused, and mentorship-driven opportunities along the way. Members of our community have taken key leadership roles within ACPA and Massachusetts CPA and created new professional development opportunities for neighboring institutions and peers (Western MA networking socials, and SA Camp to name a couple) all because of their involvement. Additionally, they have even found their way into ongoing education programs such as Ph.D. and Ed.D. programs through the connections made in ACPA. ACPA has been a true catalyst for creating impactful, meaningful, and ongoing relationships and opportunities for engagement both within our Williams Bubble and across the globe.

As a college that is somewhat secluded geographically, and not in some of the college population dense areas like Boston or New York, our ACPA connection to a much larger picture and a broad community of practitioners and scholars has really birthed the docket of programming and growth we've seen in the recent past. ACPA has been a core driving force for members on campus as professionals working in the field and a key element of the goals we have set for our work at Williams, and I'm so honored and blessed to have been able to be a part of what that evolving connection is.

Submitted By
Benjamin Lamb
Assistant Director for Student Involvement - Student Organizations

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