The ACPA Coalition Advocate Award is presented to individuals who exemplify the values and advocate on behalf of the Coalitions of ACPA. Individuals should demonstrate a significant commitment to social justice through either their involvement in Coalition activities or in representing and advancing Coalition values and concerns. One does not need to be a leader with in a Coalition to receive this award. This award is intended to recognize sustained and lengthy service and/or advocacy.

Deadline: December 4th, 2015 The Association-Wide Coalition Advocate Award is coordinated through Jennifer Farrell, Coordinator of Coalitions, and John Fox, the Entity Group Award Coordinator. For questions, please contact either Jennifer Farrell at or John at for more information or to submit a nomination.

Current Winners

Tonisha B. Lane
University of South Florida

Danielle Nied
Saint Louis University

Stephen John Quaye
Miami University

Windi Sasaki
University of California, San Diego

Dan Tillapaugh
California Lutheran University

Rachel Wagner
Clemson University

Past Winners


  • Paul Brown
  • Jason Laker
  • John Hernandez
  • Z Nicolazzo
  • Danielle Morgan Acosta
  • Dafina-Lazarus Stewart


  • Elisa Abes
  • Shaun Harper
  • Kristan Cilente Skendall
  • Karen Myers
  • Heather Shea Gasser
  • Jonathan Poullard


  • Kathy Obear
  • Keith Humphrey
  • Stacey Pearson-Wharton
  • Stephen Quaye
  • Kristen Renn
  • Florence M. Guido


  • Tracy Davis
  • Nancy Evans
  • Vernon Wall
  • Alice Mitchell
  • Jamie Washington
  • Penny Pasque