New Professional of the Year Award

This award recognizes the contribution of a new professional in student affairs who is involved in campus student conduct affairs and /or legal issues.  This person should be known not only for their campus contributions but also for their involvement in expanding the field of student conduct affairs through membership(s) in professional associations, research, presentations, and authorship of articles.  We are particularly interested in candidates who have implemented new initiatives that have made a difference on their campus and can be modeled by other institutions.

Current Winner

Denise Robb

Denise Robb
Spring Hill College

Qualifications for Nomination:

  • Nominee must have 10 years or less professional experience (post Master’s) in Student Affairs with 5 years or less in student conduct affairs and/or legal issues.
  • Nominee must be a current member of ACPA
  • Nominee must be currently practicing in Student Affairs or in post Master’s graduate study.

Past Award Winners:

2016 - Maggie Wetter
2015—Anna Krause
2013—Shawn Isaacs
2012—Sarah Clegg Crawford
2010—John Haky
2004--Krsiten Kawscynski
2002—Jacquelyn Carr McHargue
2001--Anitra Yusinski

Nomination Process:

If you would like to nominate someone for this year’s award cycle please complete the form found below.  You can nominate a person for several awards using the same form. You will need the nominees contact information in addition to being asked to write a brief description as to why you believe the nominated person deserves the award. Self-nominations are also accepted. If you are self-nominating you will be asked to write a description as to why you should win the award and submit 3 references who the Commission can contact on your behalf. If you have any questions please contact Hannah Durrant at

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