Tracy R. Teele Memorial Award

This award recognizes outstanding contributions to the area of student conduct affairs and legal issues and is the highest award given by Commission for Student Conduct and Legal Issues.  This is not an annual award and can be awarded to an individual, group or institution that has demonstrated one of the following:

  1. Development of an innovative approach to campus discipline.  The approach may contribute to promoting individual student’s development or may contribute to furthering development of disciplinary processes in general.  This approach must have been successfully modeled and implemented by others in the field.  In all cases, the contribution will have a positive impact on quality of the facilitation of student conduct affairs in higher education.
  2. Contributions to expanding the field of student conduct affairs through research, instruction, publication authorship or service to ACPA or other professional organizations.  

Qualifications for Nomination:

  • Individual nominee must be a member of ACPA (individual or institution membership) and group nominees must be an institutional member or have at least one ACPA individual member.
  • Nominee must have 10 years or more professional experience (post Master’s) in Student Affairs if an individual nominee.
  • Nominees must submit supporting information concerning their contributions to the field along with other required documents.

Past Award Winners:

2014—Dr. John Welsey Lowery
2012—Kristen Kawcszynski
2005—Dr. John Wesley Lowery
1996—Dr. Frank Ardaiolo
1995—Dr. Gary Pavela
1994—Rodney Peterson
1993—Lisa Phelps/Michael Burchell
1992—Glenn Maloney
1989—Susan Dunton/Kathleen Smith

Nomination Process:

If you would like to nominate someone for this year’s award cycle please complete the form found below.  You can nominate a person for several awards using the same form. You will need the nominees contact information in addition to being asked to write a brief description as to why you believe the nominated person deserves the award. Self-nominations are also accepted. If you are self-nominating you will be asked to write a description as to why you should win the award and submit 3 references who the Commission can contact on your behalf. If you have any questions please contact Hannah Durrant at

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Current Winners

Karen Boyd , University of Tennessee