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Major Awards

Annuit Coeptis Emerging and Senior Professionals Awards 

Champion of Sustainability Award 

Collaborative Excellence Award 

Contribution to Knowledge Award 

Contribution to Higher Education Award

Emerging and Senior Scholars Awards 

Esther Lloyd-Jones Professional Service Award 

Innovative Practice Award 

Lifetime Achievement Award

Marylu McEwen Dissertation of the Year 

Presidential Citation Award

Voice of Inclusion Medallions - Program and Individual 

Senior Student Affairs Practitioner Program Award


Entity Awards

Overall Commission Awards

Overall State Chapter & International Division Awards

Overall Coalition Awards

Individual Commission, Coalition, and Community of Practice Awards


Award Nomination Deadlines:

1) Marylu McEwen Dissertation of the Year  - Due September 1st, 2017

2) Emerging & Senior Scholars - Due October 1st, 2017

3) All other awards are due November 17th, 2017.


Entity leaders (Commissions, Coalition, Communities of Practice, State Division and International Division chairs and presidents) may request recognition certificates by completing the Certificate Request Form


Past Award Recipients

Congratulations to all 2016 Award winners! Photos from the awards ceremony may be viewed here.[1]



If you have any questions about the awards information or awards program, please contact ACPA Awards Committee Chairs, Eddie Wright (entity awards), and Lee Hawthorne (major awards).

Annuit Coeptis Award - Emerging Professional

The Annuit Coeptis Award honors five emerging professionals at a dinner where there can be wide-ranging discussion and exchange about professional issues. The dinner carries on a tradition established by Professor Philip A. Tripp and Ursula Delworth who dearly loved to challenge his contemporaries and junior colleagues in a spirit of personal and professional sharing, high good humor and...

Annuit Coeptis Award - Senior Professional

Each year up to three Senior Professionals and up to five Emerging Professionals are accepted. These individuals are honored for their contributions to the fields of administration, teaching, research, and publications. Service to ACPA and leadership are also factors that should be considered. This award celebrates the lives of Philip A. Tripp and Ursula Delworth, who dearly loved to challenge...

Champion of Sustainability Award

The Champion of Sustainability Award is granted each year to the individual or group that best models the triple bottom line of sustainability: Healthy Environments, Social Justice, and Strong Economies. Nomination Instructions You may nominate yourself or another individual. To nominate someone, send a nomination letter including the nominee's telephone number, and e-mail address by November...

Collaborative Excellence Award

The ACPA Collaborative Excellence awards recognize a program (institution or department) which has demonstrated an exemplary partnership or an innovative, collaborative initiative among academic and student affairs professionals/departments for a sustained period of two or more years. This award recognizes achievements that support and foster college student learning through the generation and...

Contribution to Higher Education Award

This award recognizes someone who has advanced a broad higher education agenda through work at the institutional, regional, and national levels. The recipient may be someone who has worked beyond the association to contribute to the higher education landscape and has, in a meaningful way, enhanced the work done on college campuses and with college students. The recipient of this award can be (but...

Contribution to Knowledge Award

This award recognizes outstanding and sustained contributions to the student affairs profession’s body of knowledge through published research (empirical, theoretical, applied), films, speeches, or other forms of scholarly outlets that significantly advance understanding of college students, campus environments, institutions of higher education, and student affairs practice. Recipients should be...

Emerging Scholars Award

The Emerging Scholars Program was implemented by the ACPA Senior Scholars in 1999. The Emerging Scholars Program supports, encourages, and honors early-career individuals who are emerging as contributors to student affairs and higher education scholarship and who are pursuing research initiatives congruent with the mission, interests, and strategic goals of ACPA. Emerging Scholar Program...

Esther Lloyd-Jones Professional Service Award

This award honors the life and work of one of the earliest pioneers of our profession, Esther Lloyd-Jones. The award recipient exemplifies the profession's commitment to service through significant, continued, and unselfish service/leadership activities that have benefited the nominee’s campus, the profession, ACPA, and the profession's practice on the state and national level. Criteria: Minimum...

Excellence in Publications Award

Innovative Practice Award

This award (formerly Excellence in Practice Award) recognizes the outstanding work of a campus practitioner who is innovative in their approach, and who has made a significant impact on student communities on their campus. The association intends to honor practitioners who are making a difference at the local level and are successfully trying and assessing new and creative approaches to our work...

Lifetime Achievement Award

The ACPA Lifetime Achievement Award recognizes individuals who have a minimum of two decades of extraordinary long-term involvement and service to the field of student affairs and/or higher education over an extended period of time. The recipient will have a recognized level of significant scholarly productivity and/or exemplary leadership at one or more institutions of higher learning as a...

Marylu McEwen Dissertation of the Year Award

The purpose of this award is to recognize a completed dissertation that demonstrates scholarly excellence and makes a substantial contribution to knowledge in the general field of student affairs/student services. It may be in any scholarly tradition or methodology and focus on any topic in the field. Eligibility Eligible dissertations must have met all requirements of the applicant's institution...

Presidential Citation Award

The Presidential Citation is awarded by the discretion of the ACPA President based on their observation and/or direct work with the individual, consequently, there is no formal nomination process in place for this award. This honor is rarely bestowed upon members of the Association, for lifelong service and extraordinary contributions to the profession of student affairs and most particularly to...

Senior Scholars Award

Call for Nominations: ACPA Senior Scholars Program ACPA implemented its Senior Scholars Program in 1984. ACPA Senior Scholars advocate for the integration of scholarship into the practice of student affairs. Senior Scholars, through the creation of an engaged scholar network, keep abreast of promising work and identify critical issues that could benefit from inquiry and attention. The Senior...

Senior Student Affairs Practitioner Program Award

State Chapter & International Division Awards

Deadline to nominate is November 18, 2016. State/International Chapter Awards coordinated by Jason Cottrell (Assembly Coordinator for State Chapters) and Eddie Wright, the Entity Group Award Coordinator. For questions, please contact Eddie at for more information or to submit a nomination. Below are the State Chapter & International Division Awards for 2017 Overall State...

Voice of Inclusion Medallion - Exemplary Program Award

The Voice of Inclusion Medallion recognizes exemplary campus-based programs in the field of Higher Education and Student Affairs that have in some way contributed to making their campus communities a welcoming and inclusive environment for all. Recipients of this award have responded to an assessed need in the areas of multiculturalism, diversity, and social justice through well-developed and...

Voice of Inclusion Medallion - Individual Award

The Voice of Inclusion Medallion recognizes individuals in the field of Higher Education and Student Affairs that have in some way contributed to making their campus communities a welcoming and inclusive environment for all. Recipients of this award have responded to a need in the areas of multiculturalism, diversity, and social justice through well-developed and creative programs and practice...