Commission for Academic Affairs - Call for Award Nominations!

Nominate an individual or program for an ACPA Commission for Academic Affairs (CAA) Award! See below for eligibility, award descriptions, and how to submit a nomination

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This organization, under the larger umbrella of ACPA, welcomes professionals and faculty from all walks of life and academic backgrounds. Our commission members come from a wide range of functional areas, from the high-touch student interaction of academic or career advising, to less student-facing positions in administration, research, policy, and assessment as well as everything in between (educational research and publishing, honors programs, fellowships, writing and tutoring centers, faculty training and development, and individualized major programs to name a few more!). Our aim is to bridge the gap between student affairs and academic affairs. We give special consideration for the challenges faced by professionals that find themselves working in higher education, but must navigate their ACPA experience without a student development background.

Eligibility: Anyone (whether an ACPA member or not) may submit nominations for these awards. Self-nominations are accepted and encouraged. Nominees do not have to be a current member of ACPA or the Commission for Academic Affairs. Please see specific award descriptions for additional eligibility details. Recipients will receive a certificate at the Annual ACPA Convention (Boston; March 3-6, 2019) and will be recognized on the ACPA Website. Questions or concerns may be sent to Commission for Academic Affairs Vice Chair for Awards, Gloria Howell:

Award Descriptions:

(1) Rising Star Award - This award recognizes an individual new to the field (1-3 years) working in an academic affairs or academic affairs related position, who has already made significant contributions to the association or the profession and demonstrates potential for leadership and continuing service.

(2) Coalition-Builder Award - In the spirit of collaboration, this award recognizes an individual who actively seeks out and engages various departmental units across academic, faculty, and student affairs and support, in order to build effective and collaborative working relationships at their institution

(3) M.A.D. (Mentoring and Development) Award - This award honors an individual who has effectively mentored a colleague in an academic affairs or academic affairs related unit and provided them with opportunities to develop as a scholar and professional in the field.

(4) Pioneering Partner Award - This award recognizes a faculty member or practicing professional who has blazed trails in academic affairs related work and tremendously influenced their institutions or higher education work generally through dynamic leadership and service. *This faculty member or professional MUST have field-specific training or an academic background OUTSIDE OF/OTHER THAN higher education or student affairs/development.*

(5) Exemplary Program Award - This award recognizes a program or initiative that has proven to be instrumental in academic affairs on a particular campus and/or in the field of higher education. The program must exhibit clear mission/goals, innovation, and evidence-based results that indicate the breadth of its impact. The CAA award committee may reach out to the nominator for more detail regarding the nominated program.

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