Dr. Cindi Love, Executive Director

We are excited to announce that effective September 4, 2014, we have signed a strategic agreement with Partnership for a Healthier America (PHA) and its Healthier Campus Initiative. We believe deeply in the core values of this program and the benefits for students, and we want to share an opportunity with you.Image of Quote of PHA

The first ten campuses that sign commitments with PHA by October 1, 2014, will receive free registration for three people to #ACPA15 in Tampa March 5–8, 2015. These schools will also be recognized at a national event hosted by PHA this year. Please review more information about the initiative and its sample commitment forms.

Please share this information today with the appropriate decision makers on your campus.

The Partnership for a Healthier America works with its Honorary Chair Michelle Obama to help end the obesity epidemic. To this end, PHA is launching a Healthier Campus Initiative, which will broker commitments with colleges and universities to help make their campuses healthier by adopting guidelines around food and nutrition, physical activity/movement, and programming.

The initiative will give recognition and visibility to partnering postsecondary institutions by holding them up as leaders in the wellness movement and as a model for other colleges and universities across the country.

For more information about PHA and current partners, please see the PHA Annual Progress Report.

Please keep in mind that although 39 guidelines are included in the document, campuses that join the initiative are only asked to choose 23 initiatives to implement.

After you and others [e.g., food service, recreation, wellness, administration] have a chance to review the guidelines, a phone call to regroup for questions and discussion would a great next step. My number is 202-759-4828.

You can also call Sara John at PHA at 202-864-6046. Feel free to let us know times that work for you in the coming week. ACPA and PHA look forward to further discussing the potential of including your school in the initiative’s initial cohort of colleges and universities.

Thank you!