Dr. Cindi Love, Executive Director

2015 June 26
Washington, DC  20036

Dr. Cindi Love, Executive Director of ACPA, thanks the US Supreme Court today for confirming the rights of same-sex and same-gender loving couples to marry.

This morning, a few blocks from ACPA offices in DC, our nation moved closer to full inclusion and equality for all people in the United States as the Supreme Court affirmed the right of same-sex and same-gender loving couples to marry.  It is a very poignant day for my spouse, Sue, me and for our adult children whom we raised under the specter of discrimination against same-sex couples.  We never thought we would see this day during our lifetimes and we are grateful.  
And, we want our celebration and uptick of faith and hope in our democratic system to fuel our efforts to ensure that full equality is achieved for all human beings. 
We are mindful that we celebrate the Supreme Court decision today while families are mourning the killing of nine worshipers at Emanuel African Episcopal Church, a hate crime catalyzed by white supremacy, anti-Blackness and racism.  We are deeply aware that the Voting Rights Acts that recently passed in several states are nothing but new Jim Crow regulations.  These must be overturned.
We are awake to the increase in hate crimes of all types over the last three years and particularly those involving trans*identified persons of color.
And, LGBTQ people in Kenya, Eastern Europe, and 76 countries can still be "outed", imprisoned or killed without any punishment for their tormentors.  
We have a lot of work to do together.  Many people cooperated and pushed forward together to achieve the SCOTUS decision today.  These activists, advocates and educators did not always agree on all of the tactics or even the language of the movement for same-sex marriage.  They agreed to disagree and still work together.
After almost 100 years, ACPA remains on the cutting edge of advocacy for underrepresented students and professionals all over the world.   I have a folder from ACPA archives on my desk.  It says, "Join the steady and strong collective voice in Student Affairs since 1924."  I keep it there because I am committed to the words "steady, strong and collective."
I am proud to be a member of ACPA where introspection about my privilege and power is expected, yes, even demanded.  I get better every day as a member of ACPA and I am grateful for the crucible of our membership in my life.

My hope is that we continue our work together to leverage our commitment to diversity to create a fair, equitable, healthy and high-contributing community where all individuals are respected, feel engaged and motivated and their contributions toward meeting organizational, campus and societal goals are valued. #ACPAYouMatter

Cindi Love