Dr. Cindi Love, Executive Director

Earth Day

Dear Colleagues,

2015 Earth Day is April 22, 2015.  We want to encourage all of our DC area friends and neighbors to participate in the events at Union Station on April 21-22, 2015.  http://www.earthday.org/earth-day-union-station

At ACPA, we are serious about calculating our carbon footprint and reducing our ecological impact.  Over the last nine months, we have been evaluating ways to reduce our demand for physical space in DC while expanding our service and support delivery worldwide.  Did you know that some experts recommend a standard is 183 square feet per employee in “non-green buildings?”

Try measuring your area today and see what you learn.  Most of us in the United States don’t think enough about the environmental costs of operating aging elevators, HVAC, security systems, electricity and more. 

We are doing more than thinking about it.  We have piloted teleworking programs for employees, transitioned our digital infrastructure to the cloud and increased our carbon offset as announced at Convention in Tampa. 

And, we have developed our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program, which we will release in May 2015.

How green can we go and grow?  It’s a great question for today for all of us.


Cindi Love