Many of the messages delivered throughout the presidential campaign were hateful, harmful, divisive. Regardless of how anyone voted, we are now navigating a new and unpredictable climate in our nation, and if we are to survive, it is imperative that we work together.

What is most salient for me is that our work as student affairs educators is needed…now more than ever. Those things we value - our students and their learning, diversity and multicultural competence, human dignity and respect, inclusion and equity, justice, advocacy, and action - remain our compass, and the work that we do…what we teach, is what will change the world. I truly believe this. And so I focus my attention on that light. And I believe in the power that is us… the interconnections among us, the importance of turning to one another to help and strengthen each other.

In this time where the issues and challenges of our world may feel overwhelming, and dis-empowering, I encourage you to focus your attention on the light. Take time to breathe and take of each other. Take care of yourself. And know that we will persevere through these challenges when we truly work together. 


Donna A. Lee
ACPA President

Managing Election Stress

Election 2016

The Jed Foundation released tips on managing election stress . Here's an excerpt: Many people have found the recent political campaigns and election to be dramatic and emotionally challenging. If you’re experiencing distress or heightened stress here are some things you can do to help yourself feel better: Stick to your routine: Maintaining your regular schedule of activities and taking care of...

How will this Election Impact Higher Education? Find Out in February

Election 2016

How will the election impact higher education? Higher Education— are you ready for 2017? A new president, which includes potential changes in enforcement philosophy, leadership and direction for the Departments of Education and Justice; a Supreme Court in flux; the Higher Education Act reauthorization process; the role of accreditors challenged; Generation Z arrives; renewed activism and student...

Be Prepared: Get the Trump Transition Toolbox

Election 2016

12 November 2016 Dear Colleagues, In collaboration with our partner, the National Journal Leadership Council, we are providing the Trump Transition Toolbox which provides the most up-to-date analysis of the projected actions and priorities of the first 100 days for the new administration. Slides 30-31 are dedicated to higher education. Click here to download! >> Thank you, Cindi Love

Resources to Share

Election 2016

As ACPA President Donna Lee shared, the work of student affairs educators is needed now more than ever. Please use this form to share resources you are using to help you in this work. We will post them here. ​If you have questions or need additional information, please contact Tricia Fechter Gates at .

The Morning After: 2016 US Presidential Election

Election 2016

Friends - I know that many of us woke up yesterday trying to process the outcome of the American presidential race, and you arrived to your campuses showing up as facilitators, listeners, and conveners, holding space for students as they struggled to make meaning of their feelings…fear, anger, sorrow, confusion. I also acknowledge that many of you are holding some of the same feelings. Many of...