Orlando 2016 Shooting

Greetings Colleagues,

As more details regarding the horrific tragedy in Orlando continue to emerge, we are deeply saddened by the immense loss of such promising lives. Many of those lost and directly impacted by these events could be our students we work with on a daily basis, and as student affairs professionals, we must find ways to promote compassion and understanding in our campus communities that values all members, including our LGBTQA students, faculty, and staff and their allies.

SCCPA remains committed to our core values of inclusion, respect for human dignity, and the outreach and advocacy of issues of concern for our students and members; and as an association, we encourage our members to unite through our common bonds to show support and empathy much in the same way we united in solidarity over the horrible event in Charleston just one year ago.

As we send this message, we are working with ACPA to put into place our next steps forward and we will share details as they become available. ACPA has also issued a response to the tragedy in Orlando that can be found here.

We want to thank you for all that you do for your home institutions and the massive amount of time and energy you are committing to support others in this time of need.

With you in sorrow,

Kara Ferguson
SCCPA President