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In the aftermath of the horrific mass murder at an Orlando, Florida (USA) nightclub, Pulse, ACPA members and leaders respond.  Our hope is to build up our community of students, professionals, and colleagues; to tell the world that fear will never win over the love and community of respect and acceptance.  Read what our ACPA family has to say...

Free to Just "Be" - by Wayne Glass

Orlando 2016 Shooting

My name is Wayne Glass (He / Him / His pronouns) and I am a Residence Hall Director at Macalester College. For six years of my ten years in Florida I lived in Central Florida (Ocala, Florida); about an hour-and-a-half from Orlando, Florida. Therefore, access to Pulse Nightclub was easy and something that I took advantage of when I was in the area. Several times in 2013/2014 (pre-and-post-...

Commission for Campus Safety and Emergency Preparedness (CCSEP) Responds to the Orlando Shooting

Orlando 2016 Shooting

The Commission for Campus Safety and Emergency Preparedness (CCSEP) supports ACPA's statement on the attacks and murders in Orlando this past weekend. We extend our deepest sympathy to the victims, their families, and friends, and we recognize the need to support all those affected by this senseless violence. This hateful, terrorist act took place over the course of a few hours this weekend, but...

Impact of the Orlando Massacre: Human Engineered Terrorism, Students & Campus Communities

Orlando 2016 Shooting

By Cynthia H. Love, Ed.D. …studies revealed that the effects from acts of (human engineered) terrorism on mental health affected a higher percentage of people (than that recorded for natural or accidental disasters and that the effects were more enduring than the negative psychological outcomes reported in previous studies for natural or accidental disaster…from 18 months to three years. [1] We...

New England (NECPA) : Love Beats Hate

Orlando 2016 Shooting

Dear Friends and Colleagues, On Sunday June 12, 2016 a senseless and hate filled attack against the LGBTQA community occurred. We are sure that all of you are feeling the impact, emotions, sense of mourning, and overarching concerns from this attack to varying degrees, and we want to share with you our concern for your wellbeing, the wellbeing of our individual and collective communities, and our...

NCCPA: Support for Orlando

Orlando 2016 Shooting

The North Carolina College Personnel Association stands in solidarity with the victims, family and friends of the mass shooting in Orlando today. Further, we stand in support of the LGBTQIA community in central Florida and throughout the world.