Writing this opening has been quite difficult, finding the right words... a challenge.  While we continue into a new academic year, our hearts are heavy with recent events and our prayers go out to our colleagues and friends at the University of Virginia and the citizens of Charlottesville.  We keep in mind all who have been impacted by the numerous horrific acts of malice.  
I hope that we all can find strength in the good that does surround us.  Our students are returning, bringing energy and life with them.  Many of our university presidents have shared comforting words of mission and truth, instilling renewed pride in our state and work.  And the call for our work is becoming even stronger as we develop students of character who are civil, just, understanding, and compassionate.  As we move forward, I feel great comfort knowing that our community of colleagues does not shy away from dialogue and passion.

You can read more from ACPA and ACPA President, Stephen Quaye HERE

With warmest regards,

      Most Sincerely,
      Hannah Piechowski