American College Personnel Association (ACPA) Protests Passage of Texas SB 6

ACPA is formally protesting the passage of Texas Senate Bill 6, citing its potentially negative impact on college students and ACPA members attending its annual convention in Houston, March, 2018.

As part of our advocacy efforts surrounding Texas Senate Bill 6, we are planning to send copies of Z Nicolazzo's book Trans* in College to each member of the Texas Senate and House.  Our partner Stylus Publishing has very generously agreed to donate the first 31 copies.  Donate $20 NOW to cover the cost of one book plus shipping.   Want to do more?  $100 will deliver 5 books to the Texas Senate! Or just $5 makes a difference and will be pooled with other donations

Click here to donate.

Be sure to select Trans in College to Texas as the Donation category! 

Call to ACTION: ACPA Responds to Texas Legislators on SB6 "Bathroom Bill"

Texas SB6 Bathroom Bill

By Dian Squire, Ph.D. Director, Equity & Inclusion If you haven’t been made aware, Texas legislators have introduced to the senate State Bill 6 ( SB6 ), the latest anti-transgender “bathroom bill” in our country. The bill is colloquially titled “The Texas Privacy Bill.” The bill would restrict trans-identified people from utilizing restrooms and changing facilities that align with their...