Title: Interim Coordinator - Diversity Initiatives & Programs - University Housing & Dining Services

College / University / Organization: Oregon State University

Position for which you are applying: Standing Committee for Women, Chair

In the space below, please describe your involvement with ACPA, including any leadership positions you have held

I’ve been a member of ACPA since October 2007. Over the years, I’ve stayed involved through attending, volunteering and/or presenting at institutes and conventions. Currently, I am on the directorate for the Standing Committee for Women. My main role within the directorate is connecting SCW to its membership and beyond through social media. I help run all of our social media sites and do my best to network SCW 365 days a year.

Please describe how you will work to advance ACPA’s Core Values if elected/appointed to this position.

I would like to advance ACPA’s Core Values further by being more intentional with SCW’s inclusions efforts. Specifically, I want to work with the Standing Committee for Multicultural Affairs to create a Women of Color Coalition. Also, I want to work with the Standing Committee for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Awareness to host a monthly blog/webinar post on gender identity education. Lastly, I would like to work with the incoming chair of the Commission for Social Justice Educators, Dr. Andrea Dre Domingue, on the integration of Feminist research into our existing research programs.

After reviewing the qualifications of the position for which you are applying, please describe briefly below how you believe you meet each qualification.

I infer that I meet all the qualifications asked of this position. I have experience collaborating with large groups of amazing, talented people for a similar cause. I have high communication skills, logistic skills and administrative skills.  My teaching experience with intergroup dialogue has formed how I communicate and collaborate with a team. It is a major part of my Higher Education philosophy. My philosophy is one of collaboration and building the collective. When working with student leaders, paraprofessional staff and professional colleagues, I want to make sure all voices are at the table. Our voices are powerful, and once those many voices have formed into one collective we move into action.

As a leader, how will you contribute to the work of the Association?

My contribution will come through the forms of advocacy and a willingness to participate with other leaders in the Association. I want to make sure that the work of the Association is always moving forward yet also taking a step to critically look at the work we are trying to accomplish and making sure the core values are being met.

After reading the introductory statement about the ACPA Leader Selection Process, take a moment to reflect on your own experiences at the intersections of equity, inclusion and diversity. How will your experiences help you in our work to champion equity, inclusion and diversity within and outside the ACPA community?

My current job allows me the opportunity to champion equity, inclusion and diversity every day within the residence halls and in cooperation with multiple departments on the campus of Oregon State University. I do this through everything from casual conversation to purposeful, intentional workshops. My love for diversity and social justice goes back to the eighth grade. I want to bring that love, appreciation, and reflection to the ACPA leadership.