ACPA Coalition for (Dis)Ability (CD) Listserv

To subscribe to the Coalition on (Dis)Ability Listserv you must first be a member of ACPA. 

  1. Log in to your member profile at
  2. Click on Member Profile on the top right.
  3. You should see: Welcome,  YOUR NAME
  4. Now click on My Involvement
  5. Find the button that says Get More Involved, click it
  6. Scroll Down to Coalitions, Coalition (may say "Standing Committee") for (Dis)Ability
  7. We’re the last one – click it!
  8. Under Coalition for (Dis)Ability click JOIN COALITION.
  9.  Awesome! Now you’ll receive our newsletters, announcements and opportunities to get more involved with the Coalition.

Before using the listserv please download and read the CD Listserv Etiquette Guidelines

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ACPA Coalition Directorate positions

Directorate positions are a combination of elected or appointment positions. Please contact the current chair, Dale O' Neill at, for information on getting involved on other projects or working with a current position chair.