ACPA has a proud tradition of advocating for and advancing the voices of all of members of our profession. As the Coordinator of Coalitions, I am proud to represent  the groups that are at the forefront of issues of inclusion and social justice. The Coalitions are unique entities in that they represent and act as advocates for the social identities of the ACPA membership. Unlike the ACPA’s Commissions, which represent what we do, the Coalitions represent who we are. They provide mentoring opportunities, promote relevant scholarship, produce publications, and sponsor programs and socials during the Annual Convention.

There are many ways for all levels of professionals to get involved in the coalitions. Please feel free to reach out to any of the leaders of these groups to find out how you can contribute.

Coordinator of Coalitions

Erin Simpson


Erin Simpson
Assistant Director, Residence Life
University of Oklahoma



Chairs of the Coalitions are elected by the membership at large.


ACPA Coalition Advocate Award

Join a Coalition

To join an ACPA Coalition, log into the ACPA Member Portal,click on the "Chatter" tab, then click on Groups. Search for the Coalition(s) you wish to join, then click "Join Group" next to the Coalition.

View a full listing of the current Coalition Chairs.

Current Coalitions

Coalition for (Dis)Ability

Mission Statement for the Coalition for (Dis)Ability In conjunction with the mission of ACPA—College Student Educators International, the Coalition for (Dis)ability is committed to values that support inclusivity, engage people to have new experiences, and inspire others to become advocates through our work. In addition, the coalition is dedicated to the advancement of disability education within...

Coalition for (Dis)Ability Open Business Meeting

Join us for our annual open business meeting at convention!  All are welcome.

Coalition for Multicultural Affairs

Welcome Message from the Chair Greetings! I am very pleased to be one of many representatives of the Coalition for Multicultural Affairs, a rich community of traditions and inclusive values. I am excited to be at the helm of our efforts to build safe spaces for underrepresented populations within ACPA and throughout the postsecondary sector. As we work towards upholding our mission through the...

Coalition for Sexuality and Gender Identities

CSGI at ACPA 2018 Houston, TX Congratulations to our 2018 CSGI Award Recipients! Julie B. Elkins Service Award - Olajiwon McCadney (he/him) Public Service Award - Joshua Love (he/him) QTPOC Advocacy Award - Gary Santos (he/him) Research Recognition Award - Pat Tretreault (she/her) Val DuMontier New Professional Award - Amanda Slichter (she/her) Coordinator Applications now live! If you are...

Coalition for Women's Identities

About us: For more than forty years, the CWI (formerly the SCW) has focused on the plethora of –isms and –phobias that affect the spectrum of women- and/or female-identified people, and is intentionally inclusive of all intersecting social identities, therein. The CWI serves to examine the subtle manifestations of power, privilege, and oppression including but not limited sexism, racism,...

Coalition on Men and Masculinities

Join our conversation on Facebook or Twitter We are not currently updating our BLOG - but you can review past posts here: BLOG Welcome to the Coalition on Men & Masculinities (CMM) Web site! We hope that you will join us at one of our upcoming meetings or sponsored programs at the next ACPA - College Student Educators International convention. Now that you have come this far we hope you take...

Deaf Culture Initiative Open Business Meeting and Social

Join us in the Deaf Culture Initive's open business meeting and social at convention.