Coalition for Disability

Mission Statement for the Coalition for (Dis)Ability

In conjunction with the mission of ACPA College Student Educators International, the Coalition for Disability is committed to values that support inclusivity, engage people to have new experiences, and inspire others to become advocates through our work. In addition, the coalition is dedicated to the advancement of disability education within the field of higher education to further awareness, eliminate commonly held misconceptions, and encourage people to view disability as a tenet of diversity.


As a coalition,we aim to pull together students, faculty, those with disabilities, disability service providers, and allies to carry out the mission of the CD.  The CD works with other inclusion groups in ACPA, by facilitating dialogue and collaboration.


Primarily focused on environmental accessibility, the coalition plays an integral role in providing access for the annual national convention.  The CD, through the leadership of the access chair, takes the lead ensuring that convention space, technology, and transportation are accessible to individuals of all abilities.  


The CD values advocacy by recognizing and awarding  the work of professionals in higher education that raises awareness, promotes inclusivity, and encourages advocacy of individuals with diverse abilities.

Education Research

Within the coalition, we are dedicated toward the acquirement and dissemination of information regarding disabilities within society and, more specifically, higher education.  Through annual newsletters and social media, the coalition strives to educate practicing professionals on best practices and current events.


Current News about the Coalition #ACPA17 Convention

Details of our sponsored programs will be up early in the New Year!

Coalition for Graduate Students and New Professionals


The Coalition for Graduate Students and New Professionals exists as a centralized resource and advocate to address the needs and concerns of graduate students and new professionals in the American College Personnel Association, thus working to advance the field of student affairs in higher education. Membership in CGSNP is open to all interested parties, however, our focus is primarily for those individuals who self-identify as a graduate student in a master's or doctoral graduate program, and those professionals who have worked in the field of student affairs from one to five years.

  • To advocate for issues concerning graduate students and new professionals within ACPA and the field of student affairs.
  • To provide forums for lively and honest discussion and strategy related to current issues affecting graduate students and new professionals in higher education.
  • To provide orientation, educational and social programs at the annual convention designed to assist graduate students and new professionals with their entry into ACPA.
  • To provide year-long information and educational offerings designed to better inform our constituents about issues within ACPA and the field of student affairs that may impact them.
  • To encourage and support the creation and dissemination of knowledge about the professional and personal development of graduate students and new professionals.
  • To encourage and facilitate graduate students and new professionals involvement in leadership within the association and to foster overall professional development.
  • To act as a liaison to other coalitions, commissions, core councils, and task-forces within ACPA.
  • To promote, encourage, appreciate, and celebrate diverse opinions and perspectives, ethnicity, sexuality, and spirituality.
Apply to join the 2017-2018 CGSNP Directorate

The ACPA Coalition for Graduate Students and New Professionals (CGSNP) is seeking to fill the Coordinator positions on our Directorate team for 2017-2018!  This is a great way for graduate students and new professionals to get more involved in ACPA and all are welcome to apply for these opportunities.  There are a total of 27 Coordinator positions within CGSNP.  To learn more about these positions and apply, please visit our application.  If you have any questions or concerns about the application or the process, please feel free to reach out to Nick Fuselier at  The deadline to apply is midnight of Monday, March 6th.  All decisions will be made by Monday, March 13th.  

Apply to be an Ambassador for 2017-2018

Learn more about our Ambassador's program and access the application here.

Webinar Series The Student Affairs Educator: Taking an Intentional Approach to the Work We Do Register here for the first webinar on February 22nd from 11am-Noon Colleges and universities strive toward student growth and development through programming efforts. Offices with Student Affairs divisions invest significant fiscal and human resources into such initiatives with the intention of enhancing student learning outside of the classroom. Sponsored by the Coalition for Graduate Students and New Professionals and the Commission for Assessment and Evaluation, this webinar will provide an introduction to intentional program design and implementation. What are best practices for identifying the purpose of a program or initiative? How do you know that your efforts were successful? Dr. Jim Tweedy and Mr. Dillon Kimmel from the University of Delaware will explore writing learning outcomes and connecting outcomes with assessment measures. Those new to backwards design and outcome-based planning will be well equipped to begin planning their own programs and initiatives in their functional area. Faculty in Residence 

The ACPA Coalition for Graduate Students and New Professionals (CGSNP) invites two distinguished scholars to assist in the academic and professional development of the CGSNP membership. These faculty will be encouraged to utilize their research interests to create a plan outlining their joint contributions to support and develop CGSNP members.  Collaboration and coordination between both Faculty-in-Residence (FiR) is highly crucial to the success of this initiative.  Of the two FiR selected, one will serve in a two year term and the other will serve in a one year term. 

Applications are due March 14, 2016. Learn more about becoming at Faculty-in-Residence access the application here.

Call for Awards Reviewers

For this upcoming academic year, we are looking for volunteers to review award nominations submitted for our monthly and Convention awards. You could volunteer for monthly, Convention, or both. For monthly awards, we'll send you an email 6 times next year to elicit votes, and once for Convention awards around November. Sign up now

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Coalition for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Awareness

Feature Video

ACPA & LGBT Leaders Out & About Justice in New York 

This video captures Dr. Cindi Love, ACPA's Executive Director at the 2nd Annual LGBTQ Presidents in Higher Education Conference in New York City June 2016. The Institute was co-hosted by Teacher's College at Columbia University and the Manhattan School of Music. The Presidents, Chancellors and aspiring leaders marched in New York's Pride Parade carrying signs that gave their titles at their institutions, logos and statements "I am OUT." The video also introduces the ACPA investment portfolio manager from Morgan Stanley and the Parity and Diversity and Inclusion portfolios in which ACPA has invested its reserve funds. The segment also notes President Barack Obama's designation of the Stonewall Inn as a national monument and pays tribue to the Latinx community who are suffering such devastating impact from the Orlando massacre.  #NYCPride


APPLY for a CLGBTA Grant for your campus!

The purpose of this grant is to provide funding and support for LGBTQI students, faculty and staff, through student organizations, offices or other initiatives on college campuses in their efforts to provide LGBTQA awareness and educational opportunities.

2016 CLGBTA Award Winners

Val DuMontier New Professional Christine Dolan, University of California, Santa Barbara
Outstanding ServiceKathleen Hobson-Bond, University of North Texas
Research RecognitionAmanda Mollet, University of Iowa
Public ServiceBrad Freihoefer, Iowa State University

FORWARD: The Campaign for the CLGBTA is a fundraising campaign to increase awareness about the history and achievements of the CLGBTA and to raise money for the CLGBTA grant (which benefits colleges and universities' efforts to provide resources and support for LGBT communities).
Our goal is that at least 500 donors across the lifespan of the campaign will donate a total of $30,000. The campaign will conclude at the 2017 ACPA Convention in Columbus, Ohio. 

Who We Are

The Coalition for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Awareness (CLGBTA) is one of the Entity Groups within ACPA charged to increase awareness, eliminate oppression, and provide support for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community in higher education, for faculty, students, and staff. We strive to further professional competencies related to topics as campus climate, equity, identity development, research & scholarship, and program development for the LGBTQ community.

Core Values

Education- raising awareness and supporting research about identity development and hot topic issues for the LGBTQ community within higher education

Advocacy- work to create inclusive, equitable environments, to eliminate oppression and to influence student affairs policy for the LGBTQ community

Networking- providing space and a support environment for LGBTQ professionals to affirm and celebrate identity

Have ideas or feedback about how the CLGBTA can best serve you, a campus community, and/or the Association? Contact us!







Coalition on Men and Masculinities



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We are not currently updating our BLOG - but you can review past posts here: BLOG

Welcome to the Coalition on Men & Masculinities (CMM) Web site! We hope that you will join us at one of our upcoming meetings or sponsored programs at the next ACPA - College Student Educators International convention. Now that you have come this far we hope you take a few minutes to learn more about our committee.

Purpose Over the past 30 years, the Coalition on Men & Masculinities has evolved as a space to discuss the role men’s development plays in our lives as student affairs educators.  In accordance with wanting to further this dialogue, the Coalition on Men & Masculinities Directorate and Membership have taken a critical look at what the group currently stands for along with what direction(s) the group should head in the future.  This Strategic Plan is meant to serve as a living document, one which changes and evolves as time goes on, marking the ongoing development of the Coalition, its membership, and the Association to which it belongs.

Vision Statement The vision of the Coalition on Men & Masculiniteis is to be a preeminent clearinghouse of information, knowledge, and professional development on issues related to men’s identity and development for all student affairs educators.

Mission Statement The broad aim of the Coalition on Men & Masculinities is to promote men's development. To accomplish this mission we:

  • seek to promote awareness of men's issues among men, women, and transgender individuals,
  • support men on campus in developing their  full potential,
  • encourage and support the creation and dissemination of knowledge about men’s development, multiple modes of masculinities, and the intersections of masculinities with other socially constructed identities,
  • challenge the current social paradigm that promotes a restricted vision of what it means to be a man, thereby limiting men in terms of their success and potential,
  • actively welcome individuals who are newer to exploring male gender role socialization and the myriad issues related to hegemonic masculinity,
  • welcome and actively develop successful partnerships and collaborative relationships with individuals and organizations working toward the same goals as the Coalition on Men & Masculinities,
  • create a space wherein members’ personal growth and exploration is supported along with our professional responsibility to educate, organize and participate in the work of Association at large, and
  • create meaningful partnerships with other Coalitions, Commissions and colleagues who are instrumental in furthering our collective understanding of how men’s development impacts our work as student affairs educators.

Values Statement The Coalition on Men & Masculinities sets about its work from a feminist framework with a perspective that is anti-racist/sexist/classist/ablest, LGBTQQIA-affirmative, and seeks to promote social justice education, involvement and activism within our community.  We believe focusing on gender role socialization and confronting the deleterious effects of hegemonic masculinity will benefit all individuals regardless of sex, gender identity and/or expression while also wanting to recognize and celebrate that which is positive about men and the myriad ways in which masculinities are expressed.  We believe in the transformative nature of creating a community of shared leadership and engagement opportunities, and value the dissolution of models of hierarchical leadership whenever possible.  We agree that individuals representing multivariate social identities, both targeted and privileged, need to work together toward equity and equality.  Furthermore, we recognize we have much to offer as well as learn, and are cognizant of the synergistic relationship between educators and students that go toward creating a true learning environment.

Coalition for Multicultural Affairs

                  Welcome Message from the Chair



I am very pleased to be one of many representatives of the Coalition for Multicultural Affairs, a rich community of traditions and inclusive values.  I am excited to be at the helm of our efforts to build safe spaces for underrepresented populations within ACPA and throughout the postsecondary sector.  As we work towards upholding our mission through the completion of our goals, we have also committed ourselves to thinking critically and creatively about current issues in higher education.  We are an entity focused on innovation, relationship-building, and advocacy, and I am grateful to be actively involved in a group dedicated to supporting minorities in the academy.  We are especially excited about the opportunities that abound in hosting the 2017 conference in Ohio, and we are hopeful that you are able to join us at this year's convention!

  About the Coalition for Multicultural Affairs (CMA) The Coalition for Multicultural Affairs (CMA) is one of seven different coalitions within the American College Personnel Association (ACPA). Specifically, CMA is composed of five singular Networks: (1) Asian Pacific American, (2) Latin@/x, (3) Multiracial, (4) Native, Aboriginal, and Indigenous, and (5) Pan African. All five Networks work collectively to promote diversity within ACPA. CMA is a nationally visible and action-oriented group that addresses the changing cultural dynamics within higher education institutions and works to create multicultural strategies and solutions.   Purpose & Mission Statement The mission of CMA is to focus attention on, and educate the student affairs profession about, the issues and concerns of people of color in higher education. The mission of CMA is to enhance awareness about issues and concerns of individuals and groups from historically marginalized racial, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds in ACPA and higher education. The Coalition for Multicultural Affairs will work to assure that the organization promotes an environment in which we value every member of the ACPA community, develop the programs and enhance awareness to fulfill our commitment to caring for our diverse local and international communities.   Core Values
  • Celebration: Celebrating accomplishments of individuals and groups from historically marginalized racial, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds within ACPA and higher education;
  • Advocacy: Being proactive and responsive in addressing issues and concerns that impact our constituencies;
  • Respect: Deepening consciousness of the history of individuals and groups from historically marginalized racial, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds while honoring the multiple identities that exist within our communities;
  • Education: Raising awareness and engage professionals within ACPA and higher education about multicultural education and the concerns of individuals and groups from historically marginalized racial, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds;
  • Support: Providing support that centers on inclusion and understanding to members of ACPA and within the higher education community.
Our hope is that you find your home at ACPA within our committee and very much look forward to hearing from you!   I strongly encourage you to become involved in the Coalition for Multicultural Affairs, where we are committed to the holistic success of students, faculty, and staff.   Best, Dr. Shawna Patterson-Stephens, Chair Coalition for Multicultural Affairs Williams College   Meet the 2016-2017 CMA Directorate! Jacqueline Mac Fallon Asian Pacific American Network Co-Chair Indiana University-Bloomington   Vigor Lam Asian Pacific American Network Co-Chair Cornell University    Dr. Ray Plaza Latin@/x Network Chair Santa Clara University   Victoria Malaney Multiracial Network Chair University of Massachusetts-Amherst   Dr. Symphony Oxendine Native, Aboriginal, and Indigenous Network Chair The University of North Carolina at Greensboro   Kyle Williams Pan African Network Chair Texas A&M University-Commerce   Dr. Kourtney Gray Chair-Elect/Sponsored Programs Coordinator Northwestern University   Dr. Rosanna Reyes Past CMA Chair Williams College   Dr. Jonathan A. McElderry Executive Secretary Wakeforest University   Stephen Santa-Ramirez Public Relations & Social Media Coordinator Arizona State University   Shante Hearst Special Events Coordinator Eastern Kentucky University   Jamahl McDaniel Special Events Coordinator Ohio State University   Aleidra Allen Special Events Coordinator Saint Louis University   Erik Colon NextGen Coordinator Binghamton University   Nanette Vega NextGen Coordintor University of Miami   Ernest Evans Awards Coordinator Culver-Stockton College   Joshua Moore Awards Coordinator Texas A&M University-Commerce

Purchase a CMA shirt today! $10, plus $6 for shipping and handling. $16 total! Get them fast!  We will be selling them on-site for $20. Click this link for purchasing information. A Call for Healing, Solidarity, and Action

We have been silent. But the silence has been intentional. We are in mourning and we are simply trying to heal. From Orlando and Baton Rouge to Dallas and Minnesota, we are in shock at the lengthening chain of violence against people of color. Over the past three years, we have continued to observe increased awareness of police brutality against marginalized populations. Know this, the number of tragedies are the same. The behaviors correlated with the propagation of these issues have not changed. The system has battered, bruised, imprisoned, and murdered folx of color for centuries. What has changed is the increased visibility of these incidents through social media and technology.

Some of us are trying to protect our psyches. Some of us must be strategic in how we protect our bodies. Some of us are trying to reconcile the fact that we may not be able to guarantee the safety of our loved ones. In our silence, we're making sense and making meaning. We wonder. How many of us are too tired, angry, hurt, and/or overwhelmed with feelings of helplessness? How can we make space for you and others in the middle of this? How can we serve as advocates, allies, and activists within ACPA, our campuses, and our field? Here are some of our thoughts:

We live in a time where dichotomous thinking has pitted us against one another; but we recognize an alternative way to be - to be both/and. We acknowledge for example, that one can be both pro-Black lives and pro-police. As the Coalition of Multicultural Affairs, we wish to emphasize that we are anti-violence in all of its forms, and against police brutality. As we have observed in recent weeks and months, police brutality geared towards people of color is more likely to result in violence - in serious injury or death.

We invite you to be mindful.

Appreciate both intent and impact. If someone is making a conscientious effort to learn and serve, allow grace if mistakes occur. Use these errors as teachable moments for growth, not spaces for shame.

We encourage you to practice self-care.

Utilize your personal and professional support system, including allies and human resources options that may be offered by your employer. Utilize sick leave and child care options to practice wellness and to create a quiet space for yourself.

We urge you to act.

Identify representatives within your district, county, and state. Identify those who have made progressive strides towards civil rights and call out (not in) individuals who have demonstrated complacency. Demand that the lives of people of color matter and that the end of police brutality should be a priority in the coming election.

Finally, we encourage you to engage the literature on best practices for your campus and community. Use the resources our Association affords its members.

Parallels Between the Cases of Trayvon Martin, Jordan Davis, and the Black Male College Experience 

ACPA Videos on Demand - Confronting the Reality of Racism in the Academy Channel

Black & APIDA Coalition Building Resources

While the urgency of action and care is upon us, we wish to move forward with love - for ourselves, for each other in the Association, and for those on our campuses. We cannot achieve a more equitable world alone; we must move forward together.

In Service,

Shawna M. Patterson Chair, Coalition of Multicultural Affairs Members of the CMA Directorate Members of the CMA Networks



Coalition for Women's Identities

About us:

For more than forty years, the CWI (formerly the SCW) has focused on the plethora of –isms and –phobias that affect the spectrum of women- and/or female-identified people, and is intentionally inclusive of all intersecting social identities, therein. The CWI serves to examine the subtle manifestations of power, privilege, and oppression including but not limited sexism, racism, genderism, transphobia, classism, ableism, homophobia, and xenophobia within higher education, and to educate ACPA members about these issues and their effects within our profession. Through round-table discussions, sponsored programs, publications, representation on ACPA boards and commissions, sponsored scholarly projects, and networking, CWI brings these issues to the forefront and empowers and supports women- and female-identified people and their allies in their professional aspirations in higher education and student affairs. Through education, empowerment, advocacy, and support, CWI works in collaboration with the ACPA membership at large to effect positive change for the spectrum of women- and female-identified people within higher education and student affairs.


The Coalition for Women's Identities supports, develops, and empowers the spectrum of women- and female-identified people and those in solidarity with us through advocacy and activism, engaging community, and scholarship.

Guiding Principles:

We support, develop and empower through:

Advocacy & Activism

  • Honoring the intersecting social identities of the spectrum of women- and female-identified people
  • Addressing inequity related to sex, gender, and gender expression
  • Promoting and celebrating inclusivity
  • Upholding the values of ACPA by focusing on accountability and responsibility

Engaging Community

  • Attending, responding, and adapting to the needs of our constituents
  • Creating and facilitating opportunities for mentoring, networking and connecting with colleagues
  • Providing professional and career development opportunities
  • Fostering relationships and collaborations in solidarity with the spectrum of women- and female-identified people


  • Educating ourselves, the association, and the larger community about issues relevant to our mission
  • Advancing the understanding of identity and intersectionality
  • Supporting and promoting scholarship in the field