Welcome to the ACPA Commission for Assessment and Evaluation

Vision Statement
ACPA's Commission for Assessment and Evaluation will be an international leader in the development of sound practices and education in student affairs assessment and evaluation.

Mission Statement
The Commission for Assessment and Evaluation promotes assessment skills and knowledge to facilitate and support student learning, development, and effective student affairs practice.

CAE DB Nominations 

Interested getting involved with our Commission? 

We welcome anyone interested in joining our Directorate to email us at acpa.cae@gmail.com for more information.  Directorate board members serve as important leaders in our Commission efforts.  You can learn more about the Directorate by visiting the Directorate membership page.

If you would like to join our fun and talented Directorate Board check out the qualifications and responsibilities below:


•Must be a current ACPA member or willing to join ACPA once elected. You will not be able to assume your position until you have an ACPA membership.

• Demonstrate skill and knowledge in assessment.

• Show interest in and enthusiasm for assessment.

• Current CAE membership is not required. We wish to attract nominees who bring excitement, talent, and expertise!


• Be willing to assume leadership of, and/or participate in, the development of a CAE project. This includes having an interest in presenting or writing about assessment-related topics. We seek to provide resources for both ACPA members and the profession at large

• Be an active and timely participant in all Directorate discussions via email, telephone, and web-based video communication

• Contribute and participate in the CAE Directorate activities as a year-round responsibility. Be willing to spend an average of 5 hours a month on CAE projects. Depending on the project, some times of the year will be busier than others

• Attendance at the annual convention is strongly encouraged, as it is the only face-to-face meeting time for the Directorate

• May not serve on any other Commission Directorate during the three-year term of office.

Applications to join the Commission for Assessment and Evaluation Directorate Board are due October 30, 2018 at 11:59 pm. You can submit your application at http://bit.ly/ApplyCAE

Elections Timeline:

• October 3-October 20: CAE Nominations open

• October 30, 2018 at 11:59pm: Application Due

• October 31-November 18: Review CAE nominations and submit information to Int. Office.

• November 18: Slate candidates on CAE website

• November 19 - December 7: Voting

For more information, please contact CAE Elections Coordinator Cassie Harrington at cassandra-harrington@uiowa.edu.

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