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ACPA's Commission for Assessment and Evaluation will be an international leader in the development of sound practices and education in student affairs assessment and evaluation.

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The Commission for Assessment and Evaluation promotes assessment skills and knowledge to facilitate and support student learning, development, and effective student affairs practice.

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We welcome anyone interested in joining our Directorate to email us at acpa.cae@gmail.com for more information.  Directorate board members serve as important leaders in our Commission efforts.  You can learn more about the Directorate by visiting the Directorate membership page.

2016 Student Affairs Assessment Institute

2016 Student Affairs Assessment Institute 

The 2016 Student Affairs Assessment Institute included 113 participants representing 75 different colleges in Baltimore this year. Institute faculty facilitated a curriculum-driven professional development experience to give a step-by-step approach of assessing department, divisional, and first-year experiences. Dr. Gavin Henning served as the keynote and opened the institute by positioning a culture of assessment as essential to the survival of higher education and student affairs. Henning also spoke of assessment through an organizational theoretical lens as an important tool for advancing change within departments and student affairs divisions.

The 2016 Student Affairs Assessment Institute

New this year included an educational partner with the National Resource Center for the First Year Experience and Students in Transition (NRC) to deliver a First-Year Experience Assessment Track. Dr. Jennifer Keup and Dr. Dallin George Young from the NRC led first-year student affairs professionals through the assessment design, planning, and implementation process. Participants in this track considered different outcomes for assessing the first-year student experience, explored various methodological approaches, and discussed how to leverage assessment findings for political capital at their own institutions.

The Commission for Assessment and Evaluation is already looking forward to the opportunity to see all Assessment Institute past attendees at ACPA’s 2017 Convention for continued learning and networking.

Lucas Schalewski
Assessment Institute Faculty member

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