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Academic Advising Tips

The University of Vermont, School of Business Administration

Recommendations for Faculty from Students:

  1. Inform the faculty they have 24 hours to reply to students
  2. Meet your faculty advisor once you’ve been assigned
  3. Make sure all faculty get an Advising Handbook
  4. Have a “Meet Your Advisor” week as an assigned week in the semester to make an appointment with your advisor
  5. Have a social get together for students and faculty advisor some time during the year, maybe first week of classes
  6. Assign faculty advisors to students by concentration (major) areas
  7. Make sure faculty receive copies of newsletters sent to students with pertinent information, include student and faculty profiles in the newsletters.

Recommendations from Faculty to Students:

  1. “Be not afraid of your advisor”
  2. Peer Mentors to act as liaisons between faculty advisors and new students
  3. Teach students how to write an email to their advisors or telephone them
  4. Use multiple approaches to contact your advisors; if the person does not return email, telephone or go to office hours.
  5. Provide training for First-Year students during the transfer from a Student Services advisor (professional advisor) to faculty advisor.