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Beginning in 2014, CASHE is working to collect and publish writings from presenters at annual convention into an annual academic support monograph.  In future issues, submissions will be opened to the Commission, ACPA, and/or other professional academic support professionals. Please continue to check back for updates.


Our Fall 2013 Webinar Series of four (4) FREE webinars in November on topics related to Leading, Assessing, and Improving Academic Support Programming was a huge success. CASHE members from several institutions presented free webinars that encompassed conceptualizations of academic support practices in higher education, rigorous assessment planning, and continuous improvement. Participants included academic support professionals (from graduate students to Provosts) and researchers from across the US and praise for the webinar series included the following comments:

  • “Great webinar today! Thanks!"
  • “What a wonderful webinar. I really appreciated your thoughts on the paradigm shift that may be necessary to pull student services out of its current silos.”
  • “I really appreciate being a part of such an important conversation.”

We are in the process of planning the next webinar series. If you have an idea for a topic or would be interested in presenting your work in a webinar, contact Jim Breslin ( Our sincere thanks to all webinar attendees and we look forward to meeting you in person at the Convention in Indy!

FALL 2013 Webinar Series

Two of these webinars were recorded; click on the links below to enjoy!

1.  Demystifying Assessment Planning and Analysis in Academic Support - Dana Malone and James D. Breslin

2.  Inclusive or Exclusive? Rethinking Academic Support Structures - James D. Breslin and Karin Ann Lewis, PhD


3.  Closing the Loop: Utilizing Assessment Data for Continuous Improvement - Anna Gatewood Sharpe and James D. Breslin


4.  Inspiring Collaboration: Supporting a Cross-Sectional Community of Peer Leaders - Alaina Vinacco and Jaime Shook