To Sign-Up for the Commission for Career Services List Serve:

  1. Visit and in the bar at the top, choose Member Login.  Login to ACPA using your user name and password.
  2. Scroll to the bottom under the COMMITTEES tab and choose to "view those committees you are currently a member in".  Make sure you are listed as a Commission for Career Services Member.  (If you recently renewed your ACPA will have automatically erased all your commissions. To join the committee, go to the bottom of the "Committees" section and click on "select committee name from a list of committees", click to open committee, then click on the option to join the committee.)
  3. Once you are a member, scroll up on that main member homepage to the "myRECORD" tab and choose the first bullet point, "Manage your email subscriptions."
  4. On the next page, you can type any email address you want into the space next to Commission for Career Services and elect to subscribe single or digest.  Click at the bottom to submit changes and you should be set!
  5. Be sure to add to your Safe Senders list.

Become a VIP Member at Large! 

The Volunteer Involvement Program (VIP) is your opportunity to become more involved with the commission, give back to ACPA while enhancing your professional development. 

The program consists of completing action items throughout the year in a variety of activities. You are empowered to select 3 out of the possible 10 to complete the program.  Examples include serving as a program reviewer, volunteering at convention, writing a #SACareer blog post, volunteering to review resumes for incoming Career Central candidates and more! 

To complete the VIP and become a "Member at Large"
requires the following 3 points of engagement:

  • Attend at least one ACPA Commission for Career Services Webinar
    • More information coming soon!
  • Coordinate an Employer Site Visit
  • Coordinate a Career Services Webinar
  • Serve as a PD Snapshot or Life Lab Session Presenter 
  • Serve at least two hours at the Career Coaching Corner in Career Central
  • Review Career Central candidates resume prior to convention
  • Conduct a Mock Interview with a Career Central Candidate prior to convention
  • Review program proposals submitted by the Commission for Career Services sponsored programs
  • Present a Career Services sponsored program at convention
  • Write a blog post as part of the #SACareer series 
  • Serve as a mentor or mentee in the Commission for Career Services Mentoring Program
  • Facilitate a Fireside Chat at the annual convention

*The VIP runs conference to conference. At the end of each conference, member activity will reset and the new cycle will start.

For questions regarding this program or to start earning your VIP status, please email Leslie Kingsley at


The Professional Development Committee is responsible for meeting the needs of Commission members by facilitating professional development, networking and scholarship among the following three categories: 

  1. Graduate Students
  2. New Professionals
  3. Mid-Level Professionals

The committee is responsible for the following:

        Professional Development & Networking-

  • Developing and coordinating two annual webinars.
  • Serve as liaison between other ACPA entities, colleges, and universities,employers, and other professional organizations.
  • Continuously evaluate the professional development-related needs of the Commission membership and develop programs and services to meet those needs.
  • Develop and coordinate a mentor program and/or other networking opportunities between experienced professionals and new professionals in career development.


  • Coordinate professional development programs and services for Commission members.
  • Coordinate grants and research projects in the field of career services.
  • Develop a scholarly publication that addresses career services issues and trends.
  • Collaborate with Faculty Liaison.

The Conference Committee provides and assists at the annual convention and year-round, related to career services and job search needs. One member of this Committee also serves as a liaison to the Career Central Team.

The committee is responsible for the following activities:

       Career Central-

  • Coordinate staffing of the Career Coaches Corner Booth to assist candidates with questions and concerns.
  • Coordinate the PD Snapshots Program
  • Coordinate the Mock Interview Program
  • Coordinate Resume Reviews
  • Develop educational materials, resources, and programs that will assist candidates in the job search

       Sponsored Programs-

  • Increase the number of program proposals from commission members; identify colleagues' areas of expertise and reach out to encourage proposals.
  • Distribute the call for programs and use the annual meeting to brainstorm topic areas.
  • Increase the visibility of sponsored programs.
  • Communicate guidelines for successful programs to commission members.

The Involvement Committee is responsible for all Commission promotions, especially those related to recruiting and retaining members of the Commission for Career Services. 

The committee is responsible for the following activities:

  • Produce, update, and maintain the Commission for Career Services' promotional brochure. 
  • Coordinate Early Arrivals Meeting at conference. 
  • Coordinate Site Visits at conference.
  • Coordinate CelebrACPA at conference.
  • Plan Networking and Involvement Meeting at conference. 
  • Coordinate the annual elections.
  • Coordinate the annual awards. 
  • Manage, implement, promote and track involvement with the Volunteer Involvement Program (VIP).