#SACareer Blog Post Submission Guidelines

The Commission for Career Services seeks to examine and address the changing and diverse role of career development in higher education within a student development framework. Please consider contributing to the conversation by submitting a #SACareer blog post. If you are interested in contributing something, please sign up on our Google doc and/or contact Christina Lawson at clawson@warren-wilson.edu

Topics for submission can be anything career or career services related, including:

  • Articles based on conference presentation
  • Summations of LinkedIn Conversations
  • Compilations of notable tweets about Career Services
  • Book/article reviews related to career services
  • Graduate student profiles (career path, conference interview experience and advice) from someone with experience going through “placement”

Sumbission need to include:

  1. Your 500-word blog post complete with suggested title.
  2. A short biography. Find comparisons in other #SACareer posts.
  3. A picture of yourself.
  4. A picture associated with your post with a reference to any outside source from where you’ve taken the photo.
  5. Any labels (searchable keywords) that you would like to associate with your post.

Career Watch

Spring 2013 Convention Primer

Spring 2012

Featured Articles:

  • Letter from the Chair
  • Meet your Directorate
  • Convention Teasers and Information


Fall 2011

Featured Articles:

  • Careers and Adulthood
  • Convention 2011 Recaps
  • One Small Step = A Big Adjustment
  • Book Reviews: A Counselor's Guide to Career Assessment Instruments (5th Ed.) and Guerilla Marketing for JOb Hunters 2.0: 1001 Unconventional Tips, Tricks and Tactics for Landing Your Dream Job

Winter 2011

Featured Articles:

  • Commission Events and Sponsored Programs at Balitimore 2010
  • Transitions from a Graduate Student to a New Professional: Insight on a Successful First Year!
  • Book Review: How to Market Career Development Programs and Services

Post-Convention 2010

Featured Articles:

  • ACPA Boston Sponsored Program Summaries
  • Career Central at Convention: An Insider's Perspective
  • The Grad Student Perspective: ACPA Boston

Spring 2010

Featured Articles:

  • The Online Career Center: Building Opportunities for Comprehensive University Career Services
  • Monograph Review: A Strength-Based Approach to Career Development Using Appreciative Inquiry
  • Chaos Theory and Career Development

Spring 2009

Featured Articles:

  • Message from the Chair
  • Campus Responses to the Economic Downturn
  • Book Review: Teaching Career Development: A Primer for Instructors and Presenters
  • Book Review: Developing and Managing Career Resources

Spring 2008

Featured Articles:

  • Message from the Chair
  • My Career Path: A Director Profile
  • Overcoming Career Decision Making Paralysis
  • Millennials and the Job Search
  • Jazz up Your Career Presentations!
  • Career Counselor in Trouble: Freud to the Rescue
  • Supervising Middle Managers
  • Book Review of Group Career Counseling 

Fall 2007

Featured Articles:

  • Director's' Profiles
  • New Director's and Leads Listserv
  • Atlanta 2008 Commission Sponsored Programs

Post Joint Meeting 2007

Featured Articles:

  • “Smart Moves” a Smart Choice for Career Services Professionals, Malcom C. Riley III, Career Advisor, Duke University
  • Is there a Link Between Career Services and Higher Retention at Universities?, Martina M. Sternberg, M.Ed., Assistant Director, Career Services at The University of Texas at San Antonio & Anna Lisa Vargas, M.Ed, Career Counselor, The University of Texas at San Antonio
  • Keeping Academic Advisors Informed, Brian Montalvo, M.S., Ed.S., NCC, Florida Atlantic University,
  • Using Podcasts to Keep Millennial Students Informed, Matthew Nelson, Career Advisor, L&S/Human Ecology Career Services, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Fall 2006

Featured Articles:

  • Graduate Student Perspective of ACPA, Yin Lu, UCLA Graduate Student
  • Convention Placement and Career Services Committee Report, Farouk Day, University of Florida & Greg Iaccarino, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Wisdom from the Members of the Commission for Career Development, Ben Cudia, University of North Carolina-Charlotte & Shirley Rowe, University of Texas-San Antonio & Michael Cronk, Transylvania University

Fall 2005

Featured Articles:

  • Career Architecture: Preparing Students for Career Satisfaction, One Student at a Time, Jennifer L. Adcock (Koster), Villa Julie College
  • Measuring the Skills Needed for Successful Transition to Work, John Liptak, Radford University
  • Going Small: Making the Transition to a Small College, Mere Denton, Texas Women’s University & Katherine A. Case, Austin College
  • Internships: A Key to Easing the Transition from Classroom to Boardroom, Erin Baker, Jackie Nameth & Sarah Sperry, Regional Internship Center of Southwestern PA

Spring/Summer 2005 (.pdf - 14KB)

Featured articles:

  • Emotional Intelligence and Success in the Workplace, John Liptak, Radford University
  • Making the Most of Your Internship, Juliette McDonald, The Florida State University
  • Portfolio Development for Career & Job Search
    Success, Kathy Jordan and John Liptak,
    Radford University
  • Commission for Career Development
    Research Grant Report: Vocational Identity Among
    Transfer Students: A Descriptive
    Study Using the My Vocational Situation
    Instrument, Tisha McCoy, James Madison University.
  • Job & Life Rules to Follow, Marilyn J. Tellez,
    Certified Career Coach