Conference Presentations

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ACPA 2011: Commission Sponsored programs:


A Journey to Develop a Non-Traditional Experiential Education Opportunity
Pepa Carlson and Jennifer Jennings, Michigan State University


Assessing Career Center Learning Outcomes: Getting Traction and Results
Kevin Gaw, Georgia State University


From Class to Career: Industry Week Series
Christine Cruzvergara and Kelly Sargent, Georgetown University


Do We Practice What We Preach? (Roundtable)
Michael Kulick, University of Akron, Jennifer Cisar-Lawrence, The Ohio State University, Leslie Kingsley, Colby College, Carrie Hawes and Rhonda Sarmento, Duke University


Got Work? Learning is Work and Work is Changing!
Thomas Broussard, The Heller School for Social Policy and Management, Brandeis University


Rethinking Career Decision Making for Student Success: A Curricular Approach
Tracy M Lara, David Gregory, Patrick Jackson, Kristi Taraschke, Kent State University, and Holly Craider, Cuyahoga Community College


ACPA 2010: Commission Sponsored programs:

Employment Advising: A Student Centered Approach
Christine Cruzvergara, Georgetown University

Meeting “Digital Natives” on their Turf: Career Development Online
Andrea Dine, Brandeis University

Rolling with the Punches: Career Centers and the Economic Situation (Roundtable) 
Christine Cruzvergara, Georgetown University

Spider Road Trips: Connecting Current Students, Alumni, and Employers 
Joslyn Bedell, University of Richmond

Surveys, Observations, and Rubrics Oh My! Assessing Career Services (Cosponsored)
Jessica Turos, Bowling Green State University Transgender Voices: Career Issues for

Transgender Job Seekers 
Mary Beth Barritt, University of Vermont

ACPA 2009: Commission Sponsored programs:

Emerging Trends in Career Services: Adaptation of Casella’s Paradigm
Farouk Dey, University of Florida and Matthew Real, University of Louisville

It Takes a Village: Partnerships to Enhance Students’ Career Development
Jennifer Browning, Rollins College and Elizabeth Boggs, Rollins College

Globally Courageous: Internationalizing Your Student Affairs Professional Development
Amber Graham, University of Rochester; Kacee Ferrell Snyder, Bowling Green State University; Rian Satterwhite, Kennesaw State University and Christopher Silva, Qatar Foundation

ACPA 2008: Commission Sponsored programs:

Practical Engagement: Graduate Students Taking Ownership of their Career Satisfaction, by Joanna Kroll and Kelly Kowatch

Choosing the Best: Developing an Effective Selection Process, by Michael Fried and Kelly Schrader

Voices from the Middle: Purposeful Supervision of Middle Managers, by Amy Stalzer, Danielle McDonald, Ann Pitini, and Merideth Ray

The Art of Influence: Engaging in Political Behavior, by Geisce Ly

Jazz Up your Career Presentations!, by Kristen Renee Lindsay

ACPA 2006: Commission Sponsored programs:

A Culturally-Integrative Career Course for First-Generation Racial/Ethnic Minority College Students, Presented by Liz Preston and Greg Iccarino (Additional: Literature ReviewSyllabus)

Globetrotters, Backpackers and Jetsetters: Aiding Students in International Career Searching, Presented by Amber Graham Schult (Additional: Handout)

Improving Students' Time to Graduation, Presented by Farouk Dey and Mason Murphy

Tech & Touch: Combining Courses and Technology for Career Development, Presented by Lisa E. Severy & Mike Ballard

They're Just Not That into You: Working with Disinterested Faculty, Presented by Scott C. Brown & Jaye Roseborough

ACPA 2005: Commission Sponsored programs:

Getting Past Fluffy: Career Development Outreach Strategies (.ppt), Andrea Dine, Macalester College