Get Involved with CCSAL!

Learn more about and get involved with the Commission for Commuter Students and Adult Learners by these few easy steps!

1. Join the Commission

  • Visit
  • Click Member Login in the gold bar in the upper right corner.  Enter your ACPA login info.
  • On the next screen, enter your ACPA login info,again.
  • Now you’ll see your personal profile page with your membership # at the top and the date your ACPA dues will expire.
  • Scroll down to the bottom left under the COMMITTEES heading.
  • Find, :To join a committee: Select committee name from list of committees” and click the green link.
  • Choose Commission for Commuter Students and Adult Learners.
  • Click Join Committee.
  • Confirm your choice on the following page.

2. Join the Commission Listserv

  • Return to your personal profile page with your membership # at the top and the date your ACPA dues will expire.
  • The 3rd heading on the page is MYRECORD.
  • Click the first link here, called Manage Your E-mail Subscriptions.
  • Find Commission for Commuter Students and Adult Learners, Confirm the accuracy of your email address, and decide whether to receive messages immediately as they are sent (Subscribe Single) or to receive messages as a group once per week (Subscribe Digest).
  • Make any other changes as necessary on this page (receiving too much email? Unsubscribe from various ACPA lists here).
  • Submit Changes at the bottom of the page.

3. Get connected via our Facebook page!

4. Run for a Directorate Body Member position on the Commission

  • Please contact Jeannette for additional information!
  • Serving on the Directorate Body is a three year commitment.

5. Participate in professional development activities sponsored by the Commission

  • Upcoming webinars (information coming soon!).
  • Suggest an activity for our Commission to sponsor.
  • Submit text for our monthly email communication with Commission members (articles, tips, etc.).
  • Contribute information for our Commission newsletter.

6. Nominate a colleague, student, or program for one of our Commission awards.

  • Information about our awards will be uploaded soon to the Commission webpage.

7. Contribute to one of our projects

All of the above are excellent ways to become involved with CCSAL, but our most valuable resource is not listed above. The most valuable resource we can offer you is aconnection with other members who share your interests. Please watch your mailboxes for a personal message from a directorate member in your area. One of the biggest strengths of ACPA is the personal connections fostered through commissions and standing committees, and we are looking forward to connecting with you.