Commission for Housing and Residential Life

Mission and Purpose

Residence halls are one of the primary settings for student development programs in colleges and universities. The Commission for Housing and Residential Life (CHRL) is one of the largest of ACPA's commissions and actively involves its members in meeting seven major objectives:

  1. To provide leadership to ACPA and the profession in general for student development in college residence halls.
  2. To identify issues of special concern and advise colleagues regarding these concerns through the support of research efforts, survey information, reports, position papers, and task force investigations.
  3. To communicate innovative ideas, special issues, problem resolution, and research information with a broad base of individuals throughout the country who are involved in residence education.
  4. To maintain a working relationship with other professional organizations, student associations, and other commissions, divisions, and agencies within ACPA that maintain similar or overlapping objectives.
  5. To cultivate professional development experiences through sponsoring and implementing convention programs and regional workshops.
  6. To assist in developing a set of professional standards for staff working in residence halls.
  7. To develop a plan and a process for evaluating the work and leadership of the Commission.

Commission Conversations

The voices of our membership are important. Join the discussion on our blog, Commission Conversations: Share with us your thoughts, feelings, good news and good ideas. We welcome your voices as we explore the challenges and triumphs of our colleagues in housing and residential life. And once you've explored that opportunity, please check out other opportunities to get involved with the association.

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Directorate Body Leadership 2018-2019

  • Chair: Laura Arroyo, University of Colorado - Boulder
  • Chair-Elect: Claire Semer, Bowling Green State University
  • Vice Chair: Brandin Howard, University of Vermont
  • Vice Chair: Devin Budhram, New York University
  • Vice Chair: Ann Schafer, University of Oklahoma
  • MarQuita Barker, Elon University
  • Marquis L. Bennett, SUNY-Morrisville
  • Jeremy Brown, Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Kelly D’Arcy, Southeastern Oklahoma State University
  • Ashley Dobbs, Georgia State University
  • Yolande Graham, University of Oklahoma
  • Amy Howard, Maryville University
  • Steven Knepp, Millersville University
  • Rachel Oladele, UNC School of the Arts
  • Quan Phan, University of Oklahoma
  • Jessica Prodoehl, University of Massachusetts-Amherst
  • Ashley Robinson, University of Connecticut
  • Ally Schipma, Washington University in St. Louis
  • Justin Schwendeman, Colorado State University
  • Dennis Scott, University of Missouri-Columbia
  • Jess Shapiro, Ithaca College
  • DeAndre Taylor, University of Colorado Boulder


2018 CHRL Series: Sponsored Webinars

Why We Can't Wait - Our Living Learning Community Journey
Equity and Inclusion are core values for many predominantly white institutions. As a result, many of these universities are considering or have created identity based living learning communities. In this session, the University of Colorado will work to answer ACPAs call for research and best practices connected to the Strategic Imperative for Racial Justice and Decolonization through the discussion of their journey in creating the Lucile B. Buchanan Living Learning Community for Black identified students and allies.
Laura Arroyo, Associate Director for Educational Initiatives, University of Colorado Boulder
DeAndre L. Taylor, M.S., Assistant Director for Student Development, University of Colorado Boulder
Thursday, September 20th, 1pm EST
Link to Register:   

Sophomore Thriving: Role of Campus Involvement and Living on Campus
Despite the increase in research and sophomore-specific programs aimed at understanding and supporting second-year students, as many as 27% of sophomores describe themselves as only surviving, barely surviving, or not surviving in college. As a recent addition to the measurement of student success, Thriving has emerging as a construct that represents a more holistic view of student success. The important roles campus involvement and living on campus play in sophomore thriving are explored and recommendations for practice are discussed.
Troy L. Seppelt, Ed.D., Assistant Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs and Dean of Students, University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point
Wednesday, October 17th, 1pm EST
Link to Register: 

Implementing Intentional Conversations into your Residence Life and Curriculum Work
In some residential education departments, 1-1 student staff-to-resident conversations have replaced programming as a main method of educational outcomes achievement. These conversations also feature prominently in designs for residential curricula. In this session, participants will learn how to implement effective interactions through intentionally developed guides and prompts. Additional topics include staff selection and training as well as assessment techniques.
HilaryLichterman, Ph.D., Associate Director of Residence Life, University of South Carolina
Paul Gordon Brown, Ph.D., Director of Curriculum, Training, and Research, Roompact
Thursday, November 8th, 1pm EST
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CHRL Awards

Nominations Due November 2nd! Please review the award descriptions and start thinking about which of your deserving colleagues will be recognized by the Commission for Housing and Residence Life. Nominate a deserving professional today!

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Compendium: CHRL Sponsored Programs at Convention

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