Commission for Housing and Residential Life

Mission and Purpose

Residence halls are one of the primary settings for student development programs in colleges and universities. The Commission for Housing and Residential Life (CHRL) is one of the largest of ACPA's commissions and actively involves its members in meeting seven major objectives:

  1. To provide leadership to ACPA and the profession in general for student development in college residence halls.
  2. To identify issues of special concern and advise colleagues regarding these concerns through the support of research efforts, survey information, reports, position papers, and task force investigations.
  3. To communicate innovative ideas, special issues, problem resolution, and research information with a broad base of individuals throughout the country who are involved in residence education.
  4. To maintain a working relationship with other professional organizations, student associations, and other commissions, divisions, and agencies within ACPA that maintain similar or overlapping objectives.
  5. To cultivate professional development experiences through sponsoring and implementing convention programs and regional workshops.
  6. To assist in developing a set of professional standards for staff working in residence halls.
  7. To develop a plan and a process for evaluating the work and leadership of the Commission.

The voices of our membership are important. Join the discussion on our blog, Commission Conversations: Share with us your thoughts, feelings, good news and good ideas. We welcome your voices as we explore the challenges and triumphs of our colleagues in housing and residential life. And once you've explored that opportunity, please check out other opportunities to get involved with the association.

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Directorate Body Leadership 2017-2018

  • Chair: Laura Arroyo, University of Colorado - Boulder
  • Past Chair: Troy Seppelt, University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point
  • Vice Chair: Claire Semer, Bowling Green State University
  • Vice Chair: Brandin Howard, University of Vermont
  • Vice Chair: Mohamad Saab, The Ohio State University
  • Vice Chair: Ann Schafer, University of Oklahoma
  • MarQuita Barker, Elon University
  • Marquis L. Bennett, SUNY-Morrisville
  • Rachel Collier, UNC School of the Arts
  • Devin Budhram, New York University
  • Bianca Hicks, University of Akron
  • Amy Howard, Maryville University
  • Shetina Jones
  • Steven Knepp, Millersville University
  • Jessica Prodoehl, University of Massachusetts-Amherst
  • Tim Reardanz, Bowling Green State University
  • Dennis Scott, University of Missouri-Columbia
  • Jess Shapiro, Ithaca College
  • Douglas Stoves, University of Texas Rio Grande Valley


Congratulations to our newly elected Directorate Board Members!

Jeremy Brown (He, him, his), Georgia Institute of Technology, Residence Hall Director

Kelly D’Arcy, Southeastern Oklahoma State University, Director of Housing & Residence Life

Ashley Dobbs (She, her, her), Georgia State University, Assistant Director for Residence Education & Staff Development

Yolande Graham, (She, her, hers), University of Oklahoma, Residential College Director-Dunham College

Quan Phan (He, him, his), University of Oklahoma, Residential Curriculum Development, Resident Director (Graduate Assistant)

Ashley Robinson, (She, her, hers), University of Connecticut, Assistant Director of Residence Education

Ally Schipma (She, her, hers), Washington University in St. Louis, Residential College Director

Justin Schwendeman (He, him, his), Colorado State University, Residence Director

Claire Semer, (She, her, hers), Bowling Green State University, Assistant Director, Office of Residence Life

DeAndre Taylor (He, him, his), University of Colorado Boulder, Assistant Director of Residence Life for Student Development

2018 ACPA Convention - Houston, TX

Join the Commision for Housing and Residence Life in the great city of Houston!

CHRL Sponsored Programs 2018 ACPA Convention - Houston, TX

Implementing Intentional Conversations into Your Residence Life and Curriculum Work
March 12, 4-5pm, 342E
Presenters: Dr. Paul Brown, Hillary Lichterman

Including Parents Begins with Understanding Who They Are
March 12, 5:15-6:15pm, 342B
Presenters: Merrily Dunn, Matthew Smith

Sophomore Thriving: Role of Campus Involvement and Living on Campus
March 13, 3-4pm, 350E
Presenter: Troy Seppelt

Why We Can't Wait- Our Living Learning Community Journey
March 13, 4:15-5:15pm, 350D
Presenter: DeAndre Taylor, Laura Arroyo

ACPA General Elections

ACPA general elections are now open! Visit the ACPA Elections Slate Web page to view the candidates and click on their name to view their bios. After reviewing all eligible candidates, please click here to submit your ballot. Voting in all ACPA elections is a critical part of your membership and your commitment to the association. Cast your ballot today. Elections will remain open until Friday, December 8th. Refer to the email sent out by ACPA Past-President Donna Lee for more details.

ACPA Commission Nominations

Nominations for the CHRL directorate board are now being accepted. To nominate yourself or a colleague, please click here.

ACPA Commission for Housing and Residence Life Award Nominations

CHRL gives prestigious national recognition each year for a variety of residential programs, services and people within residence life and across the nation. Keeping with the ACPA strategic imperative, our goal this year is to seek award acknowledgement and representation from a wide array of colleges and universities across the nation, to help make awards accessible and available to all. Please consider nominating a deserving program or person today.  To learn more about our awards, click the "Commission for Housing and Residence Life Awards" link below. To nominate a deserving colleague, please visit:

2017 ACPA Convention Highlights

CHRL Highlights


Directorate Body Positions

Commission for Housing and Residential Life Awards

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