2017-2018 Directorate Body Manual

Blogs & Relevant Resources

  • ACPA’s Black Lives Matter blog as well as the association’s growing list of resources related to the Black Lives Matter movement
  • ACPA’s series Confronting the Reality of Racism in the Academy
  • TED talk from Bryan Stevenson, author of Just Mercy. This talk is on the power of empathy and how it connects with mercy and the criminal justice system.
  • Mr. Bay Love’s presentation “Measuring Racial Equity: A Groundwater Approach” video found here. Note that Bay’s presentation starts at 14:27 and ends at 59:00.
  • White Like Me - A documentary describing the history of structural oppression.
  • Dear White America by Dr. George Yancy - Dr. George Yancy is a professor of philosophy at Emory University. He has written, edited and co-edited numerous books, including “Black Bodies, White Gazes,” “Look, a White!” and “Pursuing Trayvon Martin,” co-edited with Janine Jones.
  • The Black Body Through the White Gaze by Dr. George Yancy
  • Stand Your Ground and the Justice of God by Dr. Kelly Brown Douglas
  • ACPA’s blog created after the Orlando 2016 Shooting
  • ACPA’s Coalition for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transfer Awareness
  • Agent of Change, available to ACPA members AT NO CHARGE. This professional development experience is an interactive, online violence prevention training tool that utilizes popular and evidence-informed strategies from the field of violence prevention.
  • ACPA Coalitions – Unlike the ACPA Commissions, which represent what we do, the ACPA Coalitions represent who we are.
  • ACPA Commissions for Social Justice Educators and Spirituality, Faith, Religion, and Meaning
  • Publications:
    • Just Mercy (Bryan Stevenson)
    • The New Jim Crow (Michelle Alexander).
    • Developmental Pathway to Trans Inclusions on College Campuses (ACPA)

 Residential Learning


Academic Partnerships

Model Programs and Resources

  1. Social Responsibility/ Civic Engagement and Pluralism & Inclusion
  2. Advising & Leadership
  3. Assessment & Student Learning & Development &  Teaching
  4. Ethical & Legal Foundations

Multicultural Resource Guide

Leadership and learning go hand in hand. In this time of rapid change, an ability to "embrace new ideas, routinely challenge old ones, and live with paradox will be the effective leader's premier trait." (Berg, 1992, p.66. From The Buddy Program Workbook - UTEP.)

One of the goals of Commission for Housing and Residential Life is the collection and dissemination of quality resource information. Continuing to address that goal, we have created this Multicultural Resource Guide loaded with resources to help with training and programming for staff and students around multicultural and diversity issues.

We gathered information from a variety of sources. The Resource Guide is divided into a number of sections. These sections include examples of programs you might want to institute on your campus (Model Programs), ready to present programs, questionnaires and surveys, general resources, videos, trainers, presenters and consultants, resource companies, books and journals, and listservs.

Thanks to all those professionals who took the time out of busy schedules to mail, e-mail or call in information. We hope that the Resource Guide will encourage us all to learn from each other, create communication links where none existed before, and help students and staff become more accepting and appreciative of difference in our society.