Guiding Principles & Accomplishments

Purposes, Principles & Priorities

  • Develop administrators as educators and leaders
  • Employ theory and best practices
  • Partner with academic affairs
  • Collaborate with commission and campus constituencies
  • Emphasize positive mentoring and role modeling
  • Provide training and development opportunities
  • Encourage relevant research
  • Recognize success within the commission and profession
  • Offer feedback to the ACPA leadership structure

Affirmed by the Commission April 2003

History of Accomplishments and Initiatives

The Commission for Administrative Leadership (CAL) has been an active participant in creating important initiatives for the ACPA. Below is a partial list of our accomplishments:

  • Worked in partnership with ACPA Career Placement to create the first workshops for employers and candidates.
  • Actively participated when the split occurred between ACPA and American Association for Counseling and Development.
  • Proposed to develop Mid-Level Mangers Institute.
  • Developed the Mid-Level Management Modules- I-IV.
  • Started the Technology Interest Group.
  • Shaped the Senior Student Affairs Officers program services.
  • Created the Task Force that ultimately resulted in the Standing Committee on Disabilities.
  • Initiated the leadership and vision for President’s Panel at the convention (through Tom Jackson).
  • Started the Student Affairs Professionals at Smaller Colleges and Universities Interest Group.
  • Created the structure for leadership with the commission, specifically Vice Chair positions.
  • Inspired the Commission Carnival to be more interactive at each table.
  • Revised the Mid-Level Management Survey to be administered to membership, 2004 (through Steve Tyrell and committee).
  • Developed the Award for Excellence in Practice (through Carla Jones).
  • Suggested the Mid-Year Leadership meeting.